Skiing the Milky Way




Last Sunday Peter, Speedy and I flew out of Gatwick and made our way to Torino, Italy. The mission was to ski the Milky Way area of Italy. The Milky Way ski area consists of Claviere, Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere, and Montgenevre in France. We were stationed in Sestriere at the “Villagio Olimpico”. We stayed in the actual apartments the athletes stayed at during the 2006 Torino Olympics. It was really cool. A little basic but comfortable. Anyhow, we were not there to lounge around, we were there to ski!

After some unpacking and renting our skis we just walked around the village and looked around. The little village of Sestriere is quaint and quite nice. Great vibe and lots of Biungiornos and ciaos everywhere you go.

Monday, we finally hit the slopes. Great ski day but we were confined to the Sestriere side due to high winds on the Claviere, Sauze d’Oulx and Montgenevre sides. That’s okay. We made the best of it, discovered that part of the mountain with the hopes that Tuesday would be a gorgeous day and we could make our way to the French side.


Lunch in a little chalet midway on the slopes. In this part of Italy, all Italians speak French. Wonderful, I got to use my “langue de Mollieres” and speak with the locals.


Speedy posing. I decided to nickname her Speedy for the ski trip. Over the years Sarah has become an excellent skier. She is fast and doesn’t mind steep hills (she doesn’t like ice, but who does?). She was always ahead of us. She also has youth on her side…and a good set of knees. That’s okay, Peter and I can still follow her, so far we are not cramping her style too much.

Tuesday we woke up and noticed the gondola going over to the other side of the valley was working. YES! that meant one thing, we were going to France. While at breakfast we read the conditions, they were going to be awesome and we were going to have a great sunny day on the slopes. I was giddy.

My partners in crime at the top of the gondola.







sestriere ski map

This was our terrain. We grabbed the gondola promptly at 9 am and made our way to the top of Sancicario and headed down to Cesana. The first run took us almost 30 minutes…Then we took one double chair, a gondola and a quad (I think, I got confused after a while, I just followed Speedy who seem to have memorized the map. We skied down, went up, skied down, went up all the way to France.


Speedy taking a break.


Site of the 2006 Olympic luge and toboggan competition.


Speedy showing her Daddy, “We were in the middle and now were are here on the right, overlooking France”.



DSC_2347 France is right there!


“I fart in your general direction”.


Me and Daddy.


I don’t know what Speedy was doing here? What to do during an avalanche?

We just skied and skied, it was wonderful. Around 1 pm we decided to stop for lunch. We picked another little chalet in the middle of the slope on the Sauze d’Oulx side.


It was amazing to be eating in the middle of the Milky Way. We were having such a great day. I really hope I can ski till I am 90 years old. I love this sport. I love the fresh air and to be able to see these beautiful mountains.

After lunch and some drinks….we slowly skied back to the Olimpico Villagio. I took some “Ski action shots” on the way down.




Wednesday we skied some more. This time I did not bring my camera. Fujimoto was taking a day off. The conditions were once again amazing, the sun was out and we just enjoyed the mountain for our last day.

Sadly at the end of the day we had to return our rentals and head back to our room to pack. Yesterday was a travelling day for us. We came back a couple of days early in order for Speedy to study for a midterm that she has on Monday when she returns to Montreal.

Today is laundry day for me. Peter returns to the salt mines and Sarah will be spending her last day in London with her nose in her books. I wish I was still in the Milky Way…with that sun and those conditions, I would go back anytime.

Birdman Over Boyhood

I am sitting in my kitchen, cup of coffee in hand, perusing the results from last night’s big night in Hollywood. I am surprised that Boyhood did not win a single BIG award. I am HAPPY “Birdman” got the awards it deserved. A run down of my pick and the winners.

1. Best Picture: My pick was “Birdman” (The winner) but I did think the academy was going to pick “Boyhood”.

2. Best Actor: My pick was Michael Keaton in “Birdman”, but they played it safe with Eddie Redmayne in “Theory of Everything”.

3. Best Actress: Julianne Moore “Alice”. My pick and the winner.

4. Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons in “Whiplash”. My pick and the Winner.

5. Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette in “Boyhood”. My pick and the Winner.

6. Best Animated Movie: I had picked “How to Train a Dragon 2”. To my big surprise The Winner was “Big Hero 6”.

7. Best Cinematography: The Winner and my pick, “Birdman”. 

8. Costume Design: My pick was “Into the Woods” the winner was “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. A little observation here. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” seem to have won many “DESIGN, MAKEUP, STYLE” awards. I am wondering if this was a tactic for the Academy to reward “The Grand Budapest Hotel” which is an excellent movie but unfortunately it came out in March 2014 and audiences who would not have gone to see it last March may be so inclined to see it now. I recommend it.

9. Directing: I had picked “Boyhood” simply because it took the director 12 years to make that movie but surprise, surprise, the Academy went for “Birdman”.

10. Best Document: My pick and the Winner, “Citizenfour”. 

11. Best Short Document: My pick and the Winner, “Crisis Hotline – Veterans Press 1”.

12. Film Editing: Again, I hap picked “Boyhood” because I can only imagined the long process of going through twelve years of film but I was proven wrong. The Winner I am happy to report “Whiplash”. I LOVE that movie!

13. Best Foreign Film: Another surprise here. I really thought “Leviathan” from Russia would win but instead the Winner is “IDA”.

14. Makeup and Hairstyling: I picked “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the Winner is “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

15. Music “Original Score”: I had heard the music from “The Theory of Everything” was amazing but again, the Academy picked “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Record that movie on your DVR or watch it next time you are on a plane.

16. Music “Original Song”: My pick and the Winner, “Glory” from the movie “Selma”.

17. Production Design: My pick, “Interstellar”, the Winner, AGAIN, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

18. Short Film: My pick and the Winner, “Feast” (I got lucky).

19. Short Film Live Action: My pick and the Winner, “The Phone Call” (Again a lucky guess). 

20. Sound Editing: My pick and the Winner, “American Sniper”. 

21. Sound Mixing: My pick and the Winner, “Whiplash”.

22. Best Visual Effects: My pick and the Winner, “Interstellar”.

23. Best Adapted Screenplay: I had picked “The Theory of Everything” but “Imitation Game” won.

24. Best Original Screenplay: My pick and the Winner, “Birdman”.

Well, out of 24 categories I picked 13 Winners. Not bad but not great. I believe “The Grand Budapest Hotel” came and screwed my party. I did not think they would win 4 awards.

I have DVRd the entire show on Sky Movie Channel. I am waiting for Miss Sarah to arrive for her reading week on Saturday morning and for Peter to come back from Asia to watch it with them. Next Saturday evening will be our Oscar night.

A Weekend Getaway in Iceland

Three weeks ago we decided to go to Iceland for Valentine’s Day weekend. The goal was to do some tours, do some hiking, try out the thermal baths and see the northern lights. We managed to do three out of four.

We landed on Friday afternoon at 4 pm. It was still sunny and we were eager to get to our hotel in order to change before our Northern lights tour.



IMG_20150213_155425 The view when we flew in.

We used Flybus service to shuttle us to Reykjavik and it took forever. I would not recommend it. Reykjavik is 50 minutes away from the airport. We finally arrived at our hotel at 6 pm! After checking in we received an email from our tour operator saying the weather was changing and the tour was cancelled. Only thing to do was find a place for dinner and regroup. It took forever to find a restaurant that had a table since everyone’s tour had been cancelled. Finally around 8 pm we sat down somewhere to eat. Can’t remember the name of the restaurant since it was in Icelandic but we had a good meal of authentic Icelandic food. Fermented shark, dry seaweed and lamb. Yes, lamb. Icelanders love their lamb. The basic food groups are seafood, fish and lamb. They apparently have a very good “World Famous” hot dog but we never got the chance to have one.

Saturday morning we got up and after breakfast we took our bus service to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue lagoon is a thermal bath based upon a source of geothermal seawater. It’s the largest in Iceland. Think of a water park but all you do is hang out in the hot water, get a mud and algae mask and relax. The morning we went it was raining and there were Gale force winds. Still nothing was going to stop us from enjoying this. We had the supreme package. That meant that on top of getting into the place they made a lunch reservation for us, we received a complimentary drink, an algae mask, some products and the use of a robe, a towel and some flip-flops. Once you get in the water you must grab some clay in one of the boxes and apply it to your face. While you are waiting for the mask to set in, you just relax and try to find the hot spots in the lagoon. After we rinsed our clay mask we headed for the steam room and then the sauna. Upon exiting the sauna, we headed to the pool bar to get our free drink, a shot of green juice (hey, you have to be healthy at the lagoon!). You also pick up your algae mask from the bar. It’s this frozen cube that melts and then you apply and wait for 15 minutes. Our skin was pure and smooth as a baby’s butt. One can only enjoy so much relaxation. We got out at noon and headed for the showers. After changing and feeling quite zen, we headed to the “Lava” restaurant for lunch. There I enjoyed a small salad and some mussels. Peter had the fish. Lovely meal and inexpensive. At 2 pm it was time to leave. Our bus shuttle was waiting to take us back to our hotel. At the hotel we had another message saying the Northern lights tour was cancelled. Bummer! We asked the concierge if she could work her magic and get us a dinner reservation for Valentin’s Day. In the meantime all that relaxation made me tired. I don’t know if I was still jet lagged from coming back from Sedona or just tired, I needed a nap. We received a call from the front desk telling us they had made reservations for us at Kopar in the Harbour for 6 pm. After my nap we walked around Reykjavik in the rain and gale force wind and made our way to the restaurant. Dinner was a 9 course tasting menu and it was out of this world. I have had some of the best fish and seafood I have ever had over this past weekend. And let me tell you, it’s pretty cheap. The exchange rate for our meal was about £100, including gratuity. That’s cheap!

(Disclaimer, these pictures were taken in pouring rain and gale force winds)









Sunday morning we did the South coast and glacier hike tour. Unfortunately, the glacier hike part was cancelled due to the rain on Saturday but we still got to see the magnificent waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. And we did get to go and walk a little on the Sólheimajökull glacier which is part of the fourth largest glacier in Iceland. We just did not hike on it.  The weather in Iceland changes all the time. In one hour we could get sun, rain, sleet and it was always windy.

We also saw from the distance Iceland’s most famous volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajökull. This is the one that erupted in the summer 2010. We had lunch in the small town of Vik, and afterwards we stopped at a black sandy beach called Reynisfjara. There we saw basaltic rock pillars. The waves were pretty nasty. Still very windy. I am not kidding you, winds and wave size were comparable to a cat 1 hurricane. It was crazy. This tour was great. We learned a lot about volcanoes, geothermal energy and the history of Iceland.










The volcano that erupted in 2010 started behind the second house to the left. Went on for 5 weeks. I would have moved.

















By the way, this is an excellent tour company. I highly recommend They are professional, they respond to phone calls, emails and texts as soon as they can and if one tour gets cancelled due to weather they try to arrange something else for you. Odinn at Iceland Guided Tours is the man!

After 8 hours of touring we came back to our hotel. During the 2 hour drive back to Reykjavik we got rain that turned into snow and by the time we reached the capital, everything was white.




Of course, you know where I am going with this, with all that snow our last chance at the Northern lights tour was cancelled. It was an early dinner and packing for us.

We were hoping to catch some lights this morning on our way to the airport. It was 5:30 am and we were told there was a possibility but no. We did not see anything! Just more snow. Maybe next time…

The Babes Do Sedona

Babes Do Sedona

Every year my Babes and I get together for a little R&R. A break from the kids and the husbands. This year the meeting place was Sedona. Over the last 5 days we did some yoga, some hiking, a little shopping but most of all some laughing, drinking, catching up and enjoying ourselves.

Without going into too many details (what happens with the Babes stays with the Babes), I will try to the best of my ability to tell you about our getaway.

Friday night we met at the Phoenix airport, picked up our rental and drove off into the darkness to Sedona Siesta, the lovely house we rented for our holiday.

Saturday was getting our bearings day. We bought groceries, found the Red Rock Cafe where we had breakfast/brunch almost every day. We did some shopping and we booked our Pink Jeep tour. After all that we retreated to the house for some catching up and some wine “tasting” in the spa. I think we managed to go out for dinner at some point??…yes, we found a little Mexican dinner on route 89A. Good food! After a quick dinner we went back to the house and decided to call it a day. I was still overcoming jet lag.

Sunday morning we decided to do an early morning hike before breakfast. We set out for Bell Rock. Beautiful morning, great vistas. I met a couple of Weimaraners and was hit by the vortex. After all this, we needed food. Off we went to the Red Rock cafe to visit our favorite waitress Lisa. After some good food we went next door to the IGA. Nicki needed more Prosecco. Her Babes had drunk all her good stuff the day before. In the afternoon we had a Pink Jeep tour scheduled at 3 pm. We did the Broken Arrow and Scenic Rim tour. This was my second Pink Jeep tour and it did not disappoint. If you ever go to Sedona, it’s a must. Don’t use any other outfit but the Pink Jeep tour. Our guide was great, lots of fun, lots of laughs and great pictures.

DSC_1825               DSC_1881

DSC_1894 DSC_1896 DSC_1897

After all that driving on boulders and explicit language we decided to grab some prickly pear margaritas at the Cowboy Cafe. We also ordered dinner and of course Nicki had to ask our waiter if he had been in the movie Magic Mike. Poor cowboy John, major laughs and innuendos ensued but I will spare you the graphic details. Great day with the Babes!

Monday morning we had a date with Yogi Blair. You read correctly, Yogi Blair. No, we did not find Booboo and we did all the yogi bear jokes we could think of before we got out of our rental to meet Yogi Blair. We also made a pact not to swear or laugh too hard. Honestly, the morning consisted of a nice hike with Blair. Some yoga and meditation overlooking Sedona and another hike down the mountain at then end of the session. On the way down we made a stop to talk some more and Yogi Blair brought out some essential oils…all I will say is that when we finally left Blair and climbed into our rental car, we couldn’t stop talking about the fact that we smelled like roasted chicken. We all felt a little zen and decided to have lunch at the Chocolate tree, an organic/vegetarian restaurant. We had a good meal and went back to Sedona siesta for more R&R.


Tuesday was all about hiking. It was our last day in Sedona and we wanted to make the most of it. First thing in the morning we climbed Cathedral Rock. Short but steep hike. Well worth it! The views are breathtaking, especially on a clear day such as ours.

DSC_2012 DSC_2016

When we came down the rock we decided to go pay Lisa at the Red Rock Cafe one last visit. After brunch we drove to Devil’s Bridge trail. All I can say, WOW! The hike, the views, the bridge. Fantastic!

DSC_2040 DSC_2054 DSC_2065

After all this hiking we had to go back to our adobe and finish off our wine. One last afternoon basking in the sun and drinking wine in the spa. For our last evening we decided to go to Cafe Elote for dinner. OMG! Best Mexican food I have ever had. If there were Michelin stars in the US this would have to be a one star Michelin restaurant. If you ever go to Sedona, go, get your name on the list, it may take over an hour to get in but it’s well worth the wait. Grab a cucumber margarita a bowl of popcorn and wait on the patio while chilling. Order the Elote as an appetizer, and whatever else you feel like for your main course. The food is amazing and you won’t regret it.

I spent the day yesterday making my way back to the UK.

I am presently doing some laundry. Have to pack tonight. Heading to see the northern lights this weekend with Peter. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Best Restaurants Around the South Ken Tube Station

The results are in. After months of scavenging and eating in our area of South Ken, these are some of my favorites.

1. Best Breakfast – Café Floris: The food is good, cheap and they are open early even on the weekends. Perfect after an early long run.

Cafe Floris

2. Best place for a quick sandwich and a great salad: Corner Café. Their salads are really good.

South Ken Restos6

3. Best French Bistro: When Peter and I want a little French food and some nice French people, we head to La Bouchée. Unlike Bouchée in Bermuda, this place serves really good French food. No wonder they have been there for over 25 years.

South Ken Restos10

4. Best Rôtisserie Chicken: Bute Street Rôtisserie. I know you are going to say “What? Who cares about rôtisserie chicken?” To all my fellow Canadians, we all know rôtisserie chicken is important. We don’t like fried chicken but we love our rôtisserie chicken. This place is our “Swiss Chalet” of South Ken.

South Ken Restos9

5. Best Polish food: Café Daquise. We were totally taken aback by this restaurant. We went in there thinking it was a French place. WRONG!!!!! After a quick glance at the menu of pierogis, meat balls and stews, we discovered it was a Polish restaurant. Great food, friendly service. I highly recommend this place on a cold night, it will warm you up.

South Ken Restos4

6. Best Chinese – Dim Sum – DIM SUM JIA: This place is awesome. Yummy Dim Sum. Every time we go, we enjoy some great Chinese food.

South Ken Restos7

7. Best Italian – Pierino: This place has great pizzas, homemade pasta, etc…I go gaga for their lobster pasta special. They are also very nice and friendly. Small place, if you don’t have a reservation, you may wait a long time.

South Ken Restos1

8. Best Tapas – Casa Brindisa: By far, the best tapas I have ever had. The cooks and staff are all from Spain, this place is authentic and it’s our go to place for something different. LOVE  CASA BRINDISA!

South Ken Restos2

Aside from all these restaurant you will find the usual chains, Thai Square, Paul, Comptoir Libanais, Muriel’s Kitchen etc….all good. The only type of food left for us to find is a good curry and a good gastro pub. The pubs around here look mainstream, we have to find a small one that has a good kitchen.

My Picks for The Oscars

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the next big event on our radar is the Oscars.

Peter and I love going to the movies. Every year we try to view as much as we can from many genres. By the way, yesterday afternoon we saw “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and I am happy to report it was actually quite good. Another movie based on a comic book but in this one, no one has special powers, just pure grit. It was also pretty cool to recognize our old neighborhood of Fulham in the movie and some scenes take place around Imperial College, our backyard. And let’s face it, the bonus for me was Colin Firth in a perfectly tailored suit….nothing better to watch than a man in a great suit.

Anyways, back to the Oscars and my pick and what I think will actually win.

Best Motion Picture of the Year: The only movies I have yet to see in this category are “Selma” and “The Theory of Everything”. I feel like both movies have subject matter that have been done to death and I will wait to view them on an upcoming BA flight.

My pick: Birdman. Actual win: Boyhood. I think Boyhood will win it simply because it was filmed over a 12 year period and that in itself is quite a feat. I thought the movie was good and acting was good but I have to admit I got a little bored in the middle. All in all a good movie but “Birdman” and even Whiplash for that matter were also very well acted and entertaining. Still, I think the academy will play it safe and pick Boyhood.

Best Actor:

My pick: Michael Keaton in “Birdman”. Actual win: Eddie Redmayne. I really hope Michael gets it. Great performance from him in “Birdman” but again, academy will play it safe and pick the British actor who overcomes terrible illness while falling in love and figuring out the Big Bang Theory.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

My pick: J.K. Simmons in “Whiplash” Actual win: J.K. Simmons. If he doesn’t win it I will be upset. Great performance.

Best Actress:

My pick and the actual win: Julianne Moore. She won the Golden Globe and this is her 5th Oscar nominations without winning. She is due. The other ladies in the category, Marion Cottillard, already won it, Reese Witherspoon, already won it, Rosemund Pike and Felicity Jones are both young, they will be back, the will have other chances to win it.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

My pick and actual win: Patricia Arquette: This is a tough category. Laura Dern was excellent in “Wild” and so were Kiera Knightley in “The Imitation Game” and Emma Stone in “Birdman” but I think Patricia’s rendition of the mom in Boyhood was the best. Little upset they put Merryl Streep in this category, really? “Into the Woods” wasn’t that good. They could have picked Naomi Watts from “Birdman” instead. I realize she is a great actress but I don’t think that everything she plays deserves a nomination.

Best Animated Feature Film:

My pick and the actual win: “How to Train your Dragon 2”. Little disappointed that “The Lego Movie” is not in this category. What the heck?

The rest of the categories are MY PICKS only. I have no idea what the Academy will pick. These are my picks according to what I have seen, read about and heard of.

Achievement in Cinematography: “Birdman”. (Mr. Turner is a close second).

Achievement in Costume Design: “Into the Woods”. 

Achievement in Directing: Richard Linklater “Boyhood”. If he doesn’t win it, I hope Alejandro G. Inarritu wins it for “Birdman”. The camera work walking around that old theater on Broadway was pretty cool.

Best Documentary Feature: “Citizenfour” by Laura Poitras, Mathilde Bonnefoy and Dirk Wilutzky.

Best Documentary Short Subject: “Crisis Hotline:Veterans Press 1”. I have no idea I randomly picked one.

Achievement in Film Editing: “Boyhood”.  Think about it, 12 years of film roll to go through.

Best Foreign Language of the Year: “Leviathan” (Russia). With what is happening in Russia I think the subject matter of the film is very a propos and will win it. Also, it won the Golden Globe…

Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling: “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Original Score: “The Theory of Everything”.

Original Song: Glory from “Selma”.

Achievement in Production Design: “Interstellar”. 

Best Animated Short Film: “Feast”. I have no idea!

Best Live Action Short Film: “The Phone Call”. Again No Clue!

Achievement in Sound Editing: “American Sniper”.

Achievement Visual Effects: “Interstellar”. 

Adapted Screenplay: “The theory of Everything”.

Original Screenplay: “Birdman”.

I Blame the Bounce Balls

During the last year Peter and I have been doing more hiking. When packing for a hike I always look for new snack ideas to take on the trail. Jerky, protein bars, dry fruit etc… Last fall while I was rummaging through Whole Foods I discovered Bounce protein balls. Handy little bars packed with protein, low in calories and almost no carbs. They are small, taste good and are easy to pack. My favorite flavor is cacao mint. Yummy! Peter’s favorite, peanut butter.


My only beef about them is they are expensive. £2 for a little ball. This got me thinking I could find a recipe and make them myself.

Poor Peter

Every new year I seem to get in the “New Year, New You” mode. I am trying to find a new way to cook and eat better for ourselves. Last year I tried to go gluten-free. We lasted till about mid February. We may not have lasted but I will say this, we became more conscious about what we eat, especially in terms of gluten.

After the gluten-free period we purchased a vitamix blender and we often just have kale juice for breakfast or with our steaks at dinner time. We rarely have any starch anymore.

This year it’s protein! We came back from Xmas, I bought myself a protein cookbook and I have been testing out recipes every other day. Banana protein muffins, protein blondies, almond protein bars, protein donuts…you name it, I am trying to put some whey protein powder into it. Problem is, everything taste the same. As soon as you put some whey protein powder or casein powder you get the same results. A bit of a chewy muffin with a banana or vanilla after taste. I have even tried to reproduce the cacao mint bounce ball and I just had to throw everything out. YUCK! Just not the same as the Bounce ball. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put any grape juice, brown rice malt syrup, some kind of gum and sunflower lecithin….all this time and money wasted on reading and thinking about protein. I blame the Bounce ball.

AND, we didn’t even get through the month of January and my ALL PROTEIN cookbook has been stowed safely on the shelf with its cousin the Gluten-Free cookbook.

I will now go back to making the flax-seed/oatmeal raisin cookies and the peanut butter bran cookies that actually taste good and I will look for sales of cacao mint Bounce balls, (I am hooked and I just can’t reproduce the taste).

Side note and a little rant: Why can’t I get ground turkey in this country? By country I mean UK. In trying to make my own turkey chili for dinner I have to buy turkey breast and cut it in tiny pieces myself. Frustrating! I don’t like lamb and pork as much as turkey. I want ground turkey! Peter if you are reading this before coming home, tonight’s dinner is turkey chili with gluten-free corn bread. YUM!

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