Throwback Thursday – Mama Did You Pray this Morning?

Another good one from our time on the rock.

Mama did you pray this morning?

There are no school buses in Bermuda so every morning I drive the kids to school. Every Thursday there are two guys standing at the traffic light before the kid’s school with a sign that says “Honk if you’ve prayed this morning”. In October of last year Mackenzy finally noticed the two religious freaks and asked me “Mama did you pray this morning?” I simply said no. Mackenzy didn’t do anything because we had already driven by the two guys. The week after, they were still standing there with their sign and we were stuck at the light. So when Mackenzy asked “Mama did you pray this morning?” and I brushed him off by saying no, he opened the window and yelled out “My mom did not pray this morning!!!!” I was embarrassed and quickly drove off when the light changed. In the coming weeks after that incident, whenever we got in the car on Thursday morning Mac would remind me to pray and I would press down the electric window button in the car making sure he would not be able to open his window and yell out something. Unlike most people who pray on Sunday, I started praying on Thursday morning and Sarah would honk the horn. I prayed for the light to stay green, I prayed for rain and I prayed that the two religious guys would get a real job and go away. My prayers never got answered. They were there in the rain. We got the red light most Thursday mornings. And they didn’t seem to get a job. I started to think GOD did not exist. School year ended, we didn’t see them all summer since we didn’t have to drive into town for 8:20. At the beginning of the school year the guys were not there. I was happy, my belief in GOD had returned and life went on.  Of course, all good things must come to an end. This morning the two religious guys were back! Mackenzy quickly asked me the dreaded question and I was fast enough to hit the window button. He still yelled out “MY MOM DID NOT PRAY THIS MORNING!!!!!” and they might have heard him but I don’t care. My guess is they lost their summer job or they came back to this corner because now that school has started it’s really busy. I don’t know why they are back, all I know is, I have to remember to keep that window button down on Thursday mornings

We’ll Be Voting at the Next Canadian Federal Elections

Federal elections

On Tuesday May 13, 2014 Elections Canada changed the rules for Canadians living abroad: Now, Canadian citizens aged 18 or older who reside abroad may apply to be added to the International Register of Electors and to vote by mail-in special ballot in federal general elections, by-elections and referendums, provided they have at some point resided in Canada.

Voting may not be important for most (although it should be, some countries in the world still fight for the right to vote, don’t get me started!) but for a person like me who follows Canadian politics closely and has been cringing at every single Harper (a.k.a. Mini George Bush) conservative policies,  it’s been missing from my life since 1995. That’s right, the last time I voted in Canada was in 1995. Sacré Bleu! When I found out about the change in the rules I signed Peter and I up immediately. Very easy, all you need is your last address in Canada.

I encourage all my fellow Canadians that are non conservative supporters and wish to see Harper’s ruling come to an end, to register immediately at or go to your local embassy and fill out the paperwork.

I now wait with anticipation for Mr. Harper to call the next federal elections and for myself to vote any color of the rainbow except BLUE!

Les Lundis de Londres


sky garden2

Sky Garden3

Sky Garden4

Petite fin de semaine relaxante avant le départ de Mac!

Notre weekend a commençé avec un petit lunch au Sky Garden dans le walkie-talkie. Mackenzy et moi avons rencontré Peter à son travail. Le Sky Garden à lui seul est devenu une attraction Londonniene. Il faut passer à la sécuritée avant de monter dans l’ascenseur et monter jusqu’au 35ième étage. Une fois en haut, si vous avez des réservations vous pouvez aller diner dans un des deux restos. Sinon, vous pouvez tout simplement aller au bar prendre un verre et vous promenez dans le jardin à l’intérieur et l’extérieur. Les vues vous laisserons sans haleine.

Après le lunch Mac et moi sommes retournés à la maison et Peter au travail.

Vendredi soir, rien d’excitant. Nous avons reçu un courriel avec la nouvelle que Mackenzy s’était qualifié pour représenter la région de l’Estrie au prochain championnat provinciaux de natation. Il devra nager le 200 mètres quatre nages, le 200 mètres libre et le 100 mètres papillon. Les championnats provinciaux sont le weekend du 17 au 19 avril à Sorel-Tracy et j’y serais pour crier à voix haute “Hurry!!!!!!!Kick Hard!!!!!”. Mac est au courant de ma présence…je ne sais pas si il est tout à fait content. Il sait que ma voix porte…

Samedi matin pendant que je suis allée au gym, Mackenzy est allé continuer son entraînement dans la piscine. Je dois avouer que pendant que l’on attendait si Mackenzy s’était oui ou non qualifié pour les championnats provinciaux il a nagé à chaque jour pendant ses vacances. Maintenant qu’il sait les épreuves qu’il doit nager, il peut se concentrer sur ses épreuves. Après le gym et la natation nous avons fait des commissions ensemble. Après le dîner Peter et Mac ont décidés de faire un “Hobbit Marathon” avant son retour à l’école. Mackenzy voulait regarder les deux premiers films avec le 20 minutes extra de scènes. Je dois avouer que j’ai pris un petit roupillon pendant le premier….ou peut-être le deuxième??? enfin, on a regardé les deux films, souper assez tard et dodo. J’avais 10 milles à courir dimanche matin.

Dimanche matin après un petit déjeuner je suis sortie pour ma course de 10 milles. Je m’entraîne pour un demi marathon à la fin du mois d’avril et en ce moement, dimanche matin est moi une course à pieds de 8 à 12 milles, (tout dépendant du dimanche). J’ai courru mon 10 milles et pendant ce temps là Mackenzy était dans la piscine.

Mackenzy devait prendre l’avion en fin d’après-midi donc après ma course nous avons pacqueter son sac, il est allé se faire couper les cheveux etc….. Nous l’avons laissé à Heathrow à 2:30 pm (sniff, sniff) mon bébé retournait à l’école.

Lors du retour à la maison, retour au silence, retour au lavage et la routine. Hier soir Peter et moi avons mangés sans enfants pour la première fois en trois semaines. Bizarre.

Voilà notre weekend! Et vous? Comment a été votre weekend?

Throwback Thursday – Love Hurts

This is a post from when I started blogging back in 2007. We were in Bermuda back then. I thought I would “re share” this little anecdote since it’s throwback Thursday.

Love Hurts

Something funny happened this morning after my run with the dog. The phone rang and I ran through the house, slipped on my wet socks and because I was slipping on the marble floor, I grabbed the corner of the wall to go around the corner and get the phone. When I did that, my wedding ring got caught on the wall and ripped my skin off. Now I grabbed the phone in pain and answered a polite “Yes” but what I was really thinking was SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! It was my landlady visiting from Europe and she wanted to come by. Took me a while to realize who was on the other end of the phone because my hand was throbbing, my ears were ringing and I was seeing stars but I simply replied “yes” and hung up. Peter who was getting ready for work quickly came to see what was wrong. I told him “I need ice before this thing gets too big”. My knuckle had started swelling at this point and I couldn’t get my ring off. So he was getting on his bike to go off to work, I chuckled holding my ice pack and told him “Man love hurts”. Two hours later my knuckle was twice the size and the skin around my wedding ring was white. I decided to make my first trip to the King Edward Hospital Emergency ward. I didn’t even know where it was so I called Peter, he instructed me on how to get there and told me he would meet me there. I don’t know how the hospital works for a big trauma but it was pretty good for my situation. I filled out the paperwork with admittance. The triage nurse took my blood pressure and off I went to see the Dr. in “Small Surgery” room. The small surgery was them cutting off my wedding ring. The black Bermudian ladies kept on telling me “Oh honey, that baby has to come off. Don’t worry, he (pointing at Peter)can get you another one. ” The funny part was the cutting. They insert a little cutter with a circular blade that they manually crank. Well, they were having problems, it would seem the higher the quality of the gold the softer it is. My “10 Kt Consumers Distributing” ring took two blades to get through. My nounours may not have a lot of money but we’re solid! On the second blade while the EMT was cranking like a madman and I was holding down my finger so the blade wouldn’t cut me I jokingly called Peter “You cheap Bastard!” The EMT went outside and told everyone and they all had a good laugh. I came out of there with my finger intact, little less skin, a ring cut in half and the swelling started to come down. Afterward, Peter took me to Keith’s Kitchen, (Best Burger on the island) and asked me if I wanted another ring right away, I said nah, I don’t need another ring we’ll just get this one back together somehow.  We did. I’m still wearing the same ring, he just added some “bling” to it since then.

Les Lundis de Londres

Ma nouvelle chronique ou je vais essayer à tout les lundis de vous parler de mon weekend. Alors voilà je commence!


Peter, Mac et moi sommes allés voir la comédie musicale “Memphis”. J’ai commençé à voir les affiches de promos pour Memphis en septembre 2014 et je me disais qu’il fallait attendre Mac qui aime la musique Jazz, Rythm and Blues. Beautiful: The Carole King Story et Memphis sont les nouveaux arrivés dans le “West End”. Ils sont aussi les deux spectacles avec le plus de nominations pour des Oliviers (équivalent des Tonys à New York).

Super bon show! La musique, le chant est excellent mais ce sont surtout les chorégraphies qui sont spectaculaires. Tout comme “Beautiful” je le recommande fortement.


Petite journée tranquille. J’avais enfin un repos de la course à pied. Je m’entraîne pour un autre demi marathon à la fin avril…Peter avait son match de squash habituel à 11 heures. Dans l’après-midi Mac et Peter sont allés voir un film pendant que j’ai continué à regarder “House of Cards”. Je devrais terminer cette semaine…


J’ai courru mon 8 milles…pendant que je courrais Peter est allé s’entraîner et Mac est allé nager. En après-midi nous sommes allés jusqu’à Greenwich en taxi bateau. C’est facile, super et cela donne un autre aperçu de Londres à partir de la Thamise. Arriver à Greenwich on s’est promenés dans le “Royal Naval Academy”. On s’est promenés dans Greenwich, on est allés aux puces et ensuite nous avons pris le “DLR” pour revenir jusqu’à la station Bank et finalement le “tube” jusqu’à la maison. Quand tu prends le DLR tu vois Canary Wharf et tout l’est de la ville qui s’est développé à l’aide de Thatcher et des Frères Reikman. C’est un autre monde complètement, ultra moderne avec des magasins souterrains comme à Toronto et Montréal et c’est ici à Londres. C’est à voir.

Nous sommes retournés à la maison pour le souper et nous avons relaxer le restant de la soirée. J’avais mes 8 milles dans le corps et j’était fatiguée. Pas rien d’excitant, un petit weekend relax avec Thing 2.

Bonne Semaine à Tous!

Skiing the Milky Way




Last Sunday Peter, Speedy and I flew out of Gatwick and made our way to Torino, Italy. The mission was to ski the Milky Way area of Italy. The Milky Way ski area consists of Claviere, Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere, and Montgenevre in France. We were stationed in Sestriere at the “Villagio Olimpico”. We stayed in the actual apartments the athletes stayed at during the 2006 Torino Olympics. It was really cool. A little basic but comfortable. Anyhow, we were not there to lounge around, we were there to ski!

After some unpacking and renting our skis we just walked around the village and looked around. The little village of Sestriere is quaint and quite nice. Great vibe and lots of Biungiornos and ciaos everywhere you go.

Monday, we finally hit the slopes. Great ski day but we were confined to the Sestriere side due to high winds on the Claviere, Sauze d’Oulx and Montgenevre sides. That’s okay. We made the best of it, discovered that part of the mountain with the hopes that Tuesday would be a gorgeous day and we could make our way to the French side.


Lunch in a little chalet midway on the slopes. In this part of Italy, all Italians speak French. Wonderful, I got to use my “langue de Mollieres” and speak with the locals.


Speedy posing. I decided to nickname her Speedy for the ski trip. Over the years Sarah has become an excellent skier. She is fast and doesn’t mind steep hills (she doesn’t like ice, but who does?). She was always ahead of us. She also has youth on her side…and a good set of knees. That’s okay, Peter and I can still follow her, so far we are not cramping her style too much.

Tuesday we woke up and noticed the gondola going over to the other side of the valley was working. YES! that meant one thing, we were going to France. While at breakfast we read the conditions, they were going to be awesome and we were going to have a great sunny day on the slopes. I was giddy.

My partners in crime at the top of the gondola.







sestriere ski map

This was our terrain. We grabbed the gondola promptly at 9 am and made our way to the top of Sancicario and headed down to Cesana. The first run took us almost 30 minutes…Then we took one double chair, a gondola and a quad (I think, I got confused after a while, I just followed Speedy who seem to have memorized the map. We skied down, went up, skied down, went up all the way to France.


Speedy taking a break.


Site of the 2006 Olympic luge and toboggan competition.


Speedy showing her Daddy, “We were in the middle and now were are here on the right, overlooking France”.



DSC_2347 France is right there!


“I fart in your general direction”.


Me and Daddy.


I don’t know what Speedy was doing here? What to do during an avalanche?

We just skied and skied, it was wonderful. Around 1 pm we decided to stop for lunch. We picked another little chalet in the middle of the slope on the Sauze d’Oulx side.


It was amazing to be eating in the middle of the Milky Way. We were having such a great day. I really hope I can ski till I am 90 years old. I love this sport. I love the fresh air and to be able to see these beautiful mountains.

After lunch and some drinks….we slowly skied back to the Olimpico Villagio. I took some “Ski action shots” on the way down.




Wednesday we skied some more. This time I did not bring my camera. Fujimoto was taking a day off. The conditions were once again amazing, the sun was out and we just enjoyed the mountain for our last day.

Sadly at the end of the day we had to return our rentals and head back to our room to pack. Yesterday was a travelling day for us. We came back a couple of days early in order for Speedy to study for a midterm that she has on Monday when she returns to Montreal.

Today is laundry day for me. Peter returns to the salt mines and Sarah will be spending her last day in London with her nose in her books. I wish I was still in the Milky Way…with that sun and those conditions, I would go back anytime.

Birdman Over Boyhood

I am sitting in my kitchen, cup of coffee in hand, perusing the results from last night’s big night in Hollywood. I am surprised that Boyhood did not win a single BIG award. I am HAPPY “Birdman” got the awards it deserved. A run down of my pick and the winners.

1. Best Picture: My pick was “Birdman” (The winner) but I did think the academy was going to pick “Boyhood”.

2. Best Actor: My pick was Michael Keaton in “Birdman”, but they played it safe with Eddie Redmayne in “Theory of Everything”.

3. Best Actress: Julianne Moore “Alice”. My pick and the winner.

4. Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons in “Whiplash”. My pick and the Winner.

5. Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette in “Boyhood”. My pick and the Winner.

6. Best Animated Movie: I had picked “How to Train a Dragon 2”. To my big surprise The Winner was “Big Hero 6”.

7. Best Cinematography: The Winner and my pick, “Birdman”. 

8. Costume Design: My pick was “Into the Woods” the winner was “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. A little observation here. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” seem to have won many “DESIGN, MAKEUP, STYLE” awards. I am wondering if this was a tactic for the Academy to reward “The Grand Budapest Hotel” which is an excellent movie but unfortunately it came out in March 2014 and audiences who would not have gone to see it last March may be so inclined to see it now. I recommend it.

9. Directing: I had picked “Boyhood” simply because it took the director 12 years to make that movie but surprise, surprise, the Academy went for “Birdman”.

10. Best Document: My pick and the Winner, “Citizenfour”. 

11. Best Short Document: My pick and the Winner, “Crisis Hotline – Veterans Press 1”.

12. Film Editing: Again, I hap picked “Boyhood” because I can only imagined the long process of going through twelve years of film but I was proven wrong. The Winner I am happy to report “Whiplash”. I LOVE that movie!

13. Best Foreign Film: Another surprise here. I really thought “Leviathan” from Russia would win but instead the Winner is “IDA”.

14. Makeup and Hairstyling: I picked “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the Winner is “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

15. Music “Original Score”: I had heard the music from “The Theory of Everything” was amazing but again, the Academy picked “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Record that movie on your DVR or watch it next time you are on a plane.

16. Music “Original Song”: My pick and the Winner, “Glory” from the movie “Selma”.

17. Production Design: My pick, “Interstellar”, the Winner, AGAIN, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

18. Short Film: My pick and the Winner, “Feast” (I got lucky).

19. Short Film Live Action: My pick and the Winner, “The Phone Call” (Again a lucky guess). 

20. Sound Editing: My pick and the Winner, “American Sniper”. 

21. Sound Mixing: My pick and the Winner, “Whiplash”.

22. Best Visual Effects: My pick and the Winner, “Interstellar”.

23. Best Adapted Screenplay: I had picked “The Theory of Everything” but “Imitation Game” won.

24. Best Original Screenplay: My pick and the Winner, “Birdman”.

Well, out of 24 categories I picked 13 Winners. Not bad but not great. I believe “The Grand Budapest Hotel” came and screwed my party. I did not think they would win 4 awards.

I have DVRd the entire show on Sky Movie Channel. I am waiting for Miss Sarah to arrive for her reading week on Saturday morning and for Peter to come back from Asia to watch it with them. Next Saturday evening will be our Oscar night.

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