Harrington Sound

As many of you know, the body of water we overlook is named, Harrington Sound.


Harrington sound is where our dock is and where we ”park” our kayaks and paddle boards.


Our Dock.

But aside from overlooking this beautiful body of water, I am finding out that Harrington Sound in itself is quite interesting. At times it is calm, (like this morning when I went for a paddle) and other times, like yesterday, it is rough! Sometimes, depending on the direction of the wind, it is rough on one side and calm on the other. This was the case during this year’s Round The Sound. The kids and my floatie had it easier on the North East side of the sound. It was dodgy when I climbed into my kayak on the South West side of the sound. I almost went into the water, and paddling across was rough till I reached Trunk Island.

This is how Wikipedia describes Harrington Sound, ”Large inland body of water in the northeast of the main island of Bermuda. It is surrounded by the main island on all sides, only appearing open to the ocean via a small channel called Flatt’s Inlet in the southwest. Much of the sound’s water flows to and from the ocean via subterranean cavern systems, notably Crystal Cave and Leamington Cave. The sound was named for Lucy Harington, Countess of Bedford. Local superstition stipulates the crater is bottomless. There are numerous small islands in the sound, notably Trunk Island. Unfortunately, as Bermuda’s human population (and fishing) has increased there has been an equivalent drop in the populations of the sound’s formerly abundant shellfish, such as Bermuda Scallops.”

I was told this last detail, about the shellfish, by several locals. Apparently, you could find lots of mussels in Shark Hole. This is an aerial view of the Round The Sound Swim, just to locate you, we live around Guide 3.


Daddy Cool and I try to explore the Sound by kayak and paddle board as much as possible. When the water is calm, even when it’s rough. The currents and water can change quite fast when you are kayaking or paddle boarding. Case in point, last summer, we set out on our kayaks on a nice Saturday morning, within 30 minutes, we were paddling through some rough conditions until we reached Cockroach island. Once behind the island, we were sheltered from the wind and able to rest a little before returning to our dock.

The tidal range is also different within the sound versus outside. Outside the Sound, the tidal range is about 2.5 feet. Inside the Sound, 7.5 inches, and they are about 3 hours later than coastal tides.

In any case, it is a beautiful body of water and this morning it was calm and I decided to go for a paddle to Trunk Island.

‘Trunk island is the largest island in the Sound. The island has been owned by the Tucker/Gardner family since the early 19th century and was used as a summer camp for Bermudian groups such as Sea Scouts and Girl Guides in the 1920s and 1930s. It remains privately owned by descendants of the first owners, although a share of the ownership of the mansion plot has now been donated to the Bermuda Zoological Society, which supports educational programs at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. The Bermuda Zoological Society purchased the cottage property and has created a living classroom throughout the island.”


The cottage on Trunk Island.


The dock that belongs to BAMZ.


I saw a blue heron that was taking flight.






There is a small but beautiful private beach on the other side of the island.



It was just so calm and beautiful.



This is Harrissi, the orange-terra cotta cottage with a guest house on the left, (a.k.a. the Love Shack) in the hill. This is what we call home. 

Well, now I am back at home, the Sound still looks calm but I can see some of the currents are changing.


Awesome Round The Sound and Thanksgiving Weekend!

There was plenty of eating. There was a swim practice in ferry reach on Friday morning, (Thank you Floatie!). There was pool swimming at the National Stadium. There was golfing. But mostly there was fun with family and friends all around.

This has been a great Round the Sound and Thanksgiving weekend.

Thing 2 swam the 4 km in 1:17:09

Thing 1 swam the 2 km in 44:46

Gougounes swam the 2 km in 42:50

Floatie swam the 2 km in 47:40




Getting Ready!

The turkey has been taking out of the freezer and put in the fridge. The brine bucket is out of the garage and getting washed in the kitchen. The house and ”Love Shack” have been cleaned, Daddy Cool and Mama are getting ready for Thanksgiving!



This weekend is not only Canadian Thanksgiving, it is also Round The Sound and Thing 1, Thing 2 and my niece a.k.a. Gougounes, are coming to the Rock for turkey dinner AND to swim the Round The Sound on Sunday.

Round the Sound is a annual event on the Rock. You can swim either 10 Km, 8 Km, 4 Km, 2 Km and 800 meters. In Open Water Swimming Magazine, it is ranked 15 out of 100 open water swimming events in the world.

I was supposed to swim the 2 Km but my ENT has said NO! So Thing 1, Gougounes and my Floatie will have to swim the 2 Km without me. Thing 2 is swimming the 4 Km.

I hope they will have a good swim, unfortunately, tropical storm Leslie has been going around in circle to our East and she just won’t go away. This means that it has been windy on our little Rock in the middle of the Atlantic. This is what it looks like in the Sound this morning. Yes it looks bad, but let me say, it is better than yesterday.


We have a pretty busy weekend on the horizon. The kids ( and I will include Gougounes in this), arrive today on Westjet. Then, Thing 1 will take my bike to TCD to practice the motorcycle circuit at TCD. Thing 1 is riding the Bermuda motorcycle test tomorrow at 2 pm. If she passes, she will be able to use my bike when she comes on island and I won’t have to rent one! But before she can pass it, she needs to practice the following:

Motorcycle riding test requirements

The Motorcycle Riding Test is designed to test your ability to control the cycle under many different circumstances including: 

  • making turns;
  • traveling in a straight line;
  • acceleration and braking; and
  • slow speed maneuvers.

Large Circle

You must make one complete turn both ways and return to the stop line. Correct posture and smooth throttle control is the aim of this exercise. While on the circle, look through the turn and lean slightly.. Return to the stop line using both brakes to stop.

Serpentine Ride

While moving forward and keeping both feet on the foot rest, you must ride through the serpentine/zigzag in a controlled manner during the test.


She is already. A very good and confident rider but she needs to practice this on MY scooter. I just hope ”Snowy Antilope” (My Indian name and what I call my bike) survives…

Anyhoo, must go. Am super excited my troops are arriving today. Can’t wait to get this Thanksgiving weekend extravagannnzzza going!



An Ear Update


Next morning post surgery. A highly medicated Mama takes a bad selfie! I actually don’t remember taking this one. Found it in my phone…

Just came back from my latest ENT appointment and I have good news and bad (not so bad really) news.


Let’s be positive and start with the good news shall we? I CAN GET BACK IN THE POOL!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Of course, I promised to wear my ear plug, cover it with vaseline and put my bathing cap on. In fact, I put two bathing caps on. One to make sure the plug stays in and one to make sure the other cap stays on.

Dr. Bell proclaimed that my ear was looking healthy, that it was healed properly and that I could resume all activities such as rowing, kayaking and swimming. Just to take it easy for the next two weeks but I can get back in the POOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO Excited, you have no idea!


Again, it is not so bad really. He doesn’t want me to swim in the ocean just yet. Wants me to wait at least another month before I go and do some open water swimming. He doesn’t want me to take any chances with ocean wave water pressure and catching any bug from the ocean. When I tried to mention the upcoming Round The sound swim, he just shook his head and said, ”I would rather you didn’t”. I asked him if he was a swimmer, (He just moved here from Belfast and looks like he could be a swimmer), he replied that actually, he was. I told him since he is new to the island, he should swim during the Round The Sound on October 7th. He replied, ”I’ll tell you what, I just moved here and I don’t think I am in any shape to swim the Round The Sound. Why don’t you get your ear under control and next year, I will swim it with you!”

Well my friends, that did not fall on a ”deaf ear”! (Just one with 50% less hearing!) I plan on making sure this ear is healthy next year and I will hold him to it!

Till then, sorry to Thing 1, Thing 2, Gougounes and Floatie. You will have to swim the RTS without me but fear not, I plan on following you on my kayak and take photos!

And Floatie, what time shall we meet at the pool tomorrow morning?


Took Over a Year…

But I finally finished it! I started this when we were in London. I wanted to see if I could needlepoint a 3′ X 5′ rug. Turns out I can but man it took a while.

I kept on seeing these rugs in my Erhman needlepoint catalog and I kept thinking, I should do one of these. The one I just finished was on sale, (they are not cheap! Now I know why a good rug is so expensive), but I liked the funky design and thought, ”Hey, let’s try it!”



The rug has traveled. Last February I brought it with me from London to the cottage. I worked on it there and left it there thinking I would work on it every time I went to the cottage and eventually finished it.

Since I couldn’t swim, kayak or paddle board after my operation, I took it out again and started the last little bit I had. When Peter went back to Bermuda and I chilled in Montreal, I brought it back with me to the city and worked on it every minute I could.

When it was time to come back to Bermuda, I only had two little parts left to do. I thought, I am bringing this baby back home and getting it done once and for all!

Well, now it’s done but the canvas was all stretched diagonally. It doesn’t really look like a square rug. I researched what to do and what I found out was that you had to stretch it by stapling it on a piece of wood. Peter helped me put some plywood together and he stapled it while I held it. Now, everyday I am ironing it and hoping slowly it will come back to a square. Once that is completed, I will be able to take it somewhere (don’t know where exactly on this island but I am researching) and have a backing added to officially make it into a rug.

Now that this is done, I can continue working on my skier pillow! At least this is smaller and I won’t have to stretch it once I am done.



Happy Birthday Thing 1!

Now that I am back in Wi-Fi zone I can finally share the video I made for Thing 1’s birthday. Thing 1, You didn’t think you would get away with it did you?

23 years ago today, Thing 1, (a.k.a. Moron)  came into this world roaring and she keeps on grabbing life by the horns every single year.

Happy Birthday kiddo! Don’t ever change. Keep on doing what you do. You are an amazing young woman.

Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerais toujours.

Mama and Daddy Cool XOX


Gig vs. Scull

I have been rowing a lot lately.

First, I started ”Gigging” with my friend Lorrie back in May. Definition of a Gig boat is as follows;

In general, during the era of wooden ships, it was smaller and lighter than the longboat, barge or pinnace. It was usually crewed by four oarsmen, and a cox. Generally the oarsmen sat one to a seat, but each only rowed a single oar on alternating sides. The gig was not as sea kindly as the longboat, but was used mostly in harbors.

The Gig boats we used comprise of 6 rowers and a cox man. The seats are stationary, the oars are wood and heavy and it’s a good workout.

I row either out of St. George or Spanish point. Here are some photos of the boats in St. George and what a boat looks like when its being rowed.





I gig about once a week, weather permitting of course.

Then, at the beginning of July, I started the rowing camp out of White’s Island with my Sole Sistah, Summer. TOTALLY different rig. Light boat, sliding seat and VERY TIPY on the Hamilton Harbour waters.

This is what the ”Scull or Shell” boats look like.


The row is very different from the Gig row but it’s also a great workout and I love it.

Question is, which one do I prefer at this point? I don’t know, ask me again in a couple months, and I may have a better idea. For now, I just like the way the oars go into the water and when it catches properly, either in the Gig or the Scull, you can feel the boat responding in a certain way. And, when I am on the water sometimes it gets very ”Zen like”. It’s mesmerizing and I love it.

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