Cup Match is Upon Us!



Cup Match is the annual long weekend holiday when Bermudians take some time off by camping and watching the cricket match between St. George’s (East end of the island), and Somerset (West end of the island), and people wear their Colors proudly.

Red and navy blue, you are a Somerset fan. Light blue and navy blue, you are St. George’s fan.




What happens is the island shuts down Thursday and Friday and some shops reopen on Saturday but most Bermudians will be in St. George where the cricket match is taking place this year and they will be watching cricket and playing crown and anchors. Many will also be camping near the beaches and listening to the game on the radio.

Historically, Cup Match was introduced to mark Emancipation Day, which took place on August 1st, 1834. Bermudians from Somerset and St. George’s marked the anniversary of the abolition of slavery by holding annual picnics, with the highlight being a friendly cricket match played between lodges from the east and west ends of the island.

Today, it is a long weekend that most Bermudians plan a month in advance. It is a big and important holiday for most Bermudians.

Daddy Cool and I have never been to Cup Match and we don’t plan on going. For us Canadians, the thought of going to watch cricket when the weather is at its hottest of the year….no thank you. We are flying out to Montreal tomorrow and these two Canucks will be celebrating Cup Match weekend by the lake. We may be wearing our light blue-navy blue Colors, (we live in the East end) but we will be doing so on our dock while enjoying a cold one!

Happy Cup Match Weekend to All!


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