2 Weeks Post Surgery

Here I am today, two weeks post second surgery to get rid of my renal aneurysm and my recovery has been a lot easier than the first time around.

I think a couple of factors helped the second time around. The aneurysm was smaller and before the surgery, I told them I had a hard time with the fentanyl last time. I think that drug really knocked me out, even though I was awake for the entire surgery, it was hard to come out of the fog after. This time, they started the surgery using fentanyl as my anesthesia, but about 45 minutes into surgery, I told them I was nauseous and then started to vomit. They stopped the fentanyl and gave me something else, (they told what but I don’t remember the name), all I know is I was more aware of my surroundings and afterwards, I was more alert.

flow diverter

My card with the serial numbers of what may prompt the Airport Security Imaging scanners to buzz. 

I was so aware that I saw this other surgeon in the OR talking with my surgeon. He was a brain surgeon that usually deals with brain aneurysms.  I was instructed many times to hold my breath when they were injecting me with die, in order to get a clear picture of the aneurysm. Then, near the end, all I heard was, ”This is awesome, makes it so easy” and everybody was cheering and celebrating. Then my surgeon asked me how I was and I said, ”can we get on with it?” I had been in the OR for almost 4 hours. Between the prep, my surgeon checking out the results from the first surgery and the second one, I had been in there for a while, I just wanted to leave!

What we did find out afterwards was that on top of coiling the aneurysm, they installed some ”special flow diverter” that the brain surgeon from the Lahey clinic invented and I was the first patient in the world to get this ”diverter” on a kidney. Apparently the brain surgeon will write a paper about it and I am suppose to get a copy of the paper….we’ll see. All I know is maybe this diverter also helped making my recovery faster. And I do know that when I go through security at the airport, I now buzz because I have a piece a metal in me. On my way back from Boston, when I went through security at Logan airport I did buzz and had to explain I just had surgery and now have a piece of metal. I was given a card to take with me when I travel but I did not need to show it to security.

At the moment, I am back on the Rock. It is hot and humid and I spend a lot of time indoors in the comfort of the AC. Not recovering since that is pretty much over, just trying to stay cool.


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