Cup Match is Upon Us!



Cup Match is the annual long weekend holiday when Bermudians take some time off by camping and watching the cricket match between St. George’s (East end of the island), and Somerset (West end of the island), and people wear their Colors proudly.

Red and navy blue, you are a Somerset fan. Light blue and navy blue, you are St. George’s fan.




What happens is the island shuts down Thursday and Friday and some shops reopen on Saturday but most Bermudians will be in St. George where the cricket match is taking place this year and they will be watching cricket and playing crown and anchors. Many will also be camping near the beaches and listening to the game on the radio.

Historically, Cup Match was introduced to mark Emancipation Day, which took place on August 1st, 1834. Bermudians from Somerset and St. George’s marked the anniversary of the abolition of slavery by holding annual picnics, with the highlight being a friendly cricket match played between lodges from the east and west ends of the island.

Today, it is a long weekend that most Bermudians plan a month in advance. It is a big and important holiday for most Bermudians.

Daddy Cool and I have never been to Cup Match and we don’t plan on going. For us Canadians, the thought of going to watch cricket when the weather is at its hottest of the year….no thank you. We are flying out to Montreal tomorrow and these two Canucks will be celebrating Cup Match weekend by the lake. We may be wearing our light blue-navy blue Colors, (we live in the East end) but we will be doing so on our dock while enjoying a cold one!

Happy Cup Match Weekend to All!


On The Rock…

The heat is relentless. I realize a lot of you friends in the North East and UK are having a heat wave but for us on island, it’s simply called, the weather. And usually at the end of a heat wave, you get a storm with some rain accumulation. We haven’t a good downpour in a LONG time. We NEED TANK RAIN!!!!

Daily weather forecast for Bermuda- between 86 and 90 degrees and the humidity is always above 75%.

I know, you will say, ”but you can go to the beach.” But there is only so much a woman can go to the beach. I go kayaking and paddle boarding and although I enjoy it and it’s fun, especially at the end when I jump in the water off our dock in Harrington Sound, I am still hot and missing the cooler Canadian weather. This is just too much heat for this Canadian Mama.

If I want to do anything outside such as tend to my gardens, it has to be done before 11 am otherwise, I will burn to a crisp and just sweat my butt off.


They say ”the grass is always greener on the other side”, but I think in our case, it’s more like hay and our neighbors have nothing to envy us.

Every 3 to 4 days I have to put the hose in the pool and add water for about 45 minutes since the water is evaporating in the heat and I can’t let the water go below the water filter too much, otherwise the motorized pump will not work properly and the water will start to get cloudy and that would mean shocking the pool, a chemical treatment etc…since we are the ones paying for pool maintenance, I try to stay on top of it. The only thing about this 45 minutes of water every 4 days means, my water tank is getting low and that means I may have to order a water truck soon to top it off. Water is such a commodity at the moment. I try to shower when I go swim at National Stadium and Peter showers at Squash Club as much as possible. Did I mention, WE NEED TANK RAIN!!!!!


Daddy Cool and I are leaving next Wednesday for a little cottage country R&R and I can’t wait. It will be nice to get out of this heat.

2 Weeks Post Surgery

Here I am today, two weeks post second surgery to get rid of my renal aneurysm and my recovery has been a lot easier than the first time around.

I think a couple of factors helped the second time around. The aneurysm was smaller and before the surgery, I told them I had a hard time with the fentanyl last time. I think that drug really knocked me out, even though I was awake for the entire surgery, it was hard to come out of the fog after. This time, they started the surgery using fentanyl as my anesthesia, but about 45 minutes into surgery, I told them I was nauseous and then started to vomit. They stopped the fentanyl and gave me something else, (they told what but I don’t remember the name), all I know is I was more aware of my surroundings and afterwards, I was more alert.

flow diverter

My card with the serial numbers of what may prompt the Airport Security Imaging scanners to buzz. 

I was so aware that I saw this other surgeon in the OR talking with my surgeon. He was a brain surgeon that usually deals with brain aneurysms.  I was instructed many times to hold my breath when they were injecting me with die, in order to get a clear picture of the aneurysm. Then, near the end, all I heard was, ”This is awesome, makes it so easy” and everybody was cheering and celebrating. Then my surgeon asked me how I was and I said, ”can we get on with it?” I had been in the OR for almost 4 hours. Between the prep, my surgeon checking out the results from the first surgery and the second one, I had been in there for a while, I just wanted to leave!

What we did find out afterwards was that on top of coiling the aneurysm, they installed some ”special flow diverter” that the brain surgeon from the Lahey clinic invented and I was the first patient in the world to get this ”diverter” on a kidney. Apparently the brain surgeon will write a paper about it and I am suppose to get a copy of the paper….we’ll see. All I know is maybe this diverter also helped making my recovery faster. And I do know that when I go through security at the airport, I now buzz because I have a piece a metal in me. On my way back from Boston, when I went through security at Logan airport I did buzz and had to explain I just had surgery and now have a piece of metal. I was given a card to take with me when I travel but I did not need to show it to security.

At the moment, I am back on the Rock. It is hot and humid and I spend a lot of time indoors in the comfort of the AC. Not recovering since that is pretty much over, just trying to stay cool.