Triathlon Fever

World class triathletes are in Bermuda for the second stop of the ITU World Triathlon Series that is taking place tomorrow in Hamilton and the island has been BUZZING with athletes all week.

The pool at NSC has been busy with swimmers, the streets of the island have seen an increase in Pelotons cycling and all week long, I saw groups of runners hitting the streets of Hamilton around 3 pm. I think the elite athletes are trying to adapt to the heat and humidity they may encounter tomorrow afternoon.

Coming out of the pool this morning I struck up a conversation with three elite athletes who had just finished their swim. (Thing 1 would have been embarrassed, she doesn’t like when I talk to strangers.) When I asked them, ”Where are you guys from?” They responded they were from Brighton, UK. I said, ”I love Brighton. I ran the half there a couple years back.” One of them said, ”It takes place in February.” And we started to talk about running. They told me they were here last year for the first edition of the Triathlon and they were a bit surprised with Corkscrew Hill. So this year they came early to practice.

This is Corkscrew Hill that they have to cycle 10 times and run 4 times!  

The reason why the ITU World Triathlon series stops in Bermuda is because of Flora Duffy. Flora is probably the best athlete ever to come from Bermuda. She is the 2016 and 2017 ITU World Triathlon series World Champion, the 2015 and 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion, and a four-time winner (2014-2017) of the XTERRA World Championships. She won Gold at the last Commonwealth games. The only hardware she is missing is an Olympic Medal. Last year she dominated in Bermuda winning by a big margin but sadly this year she has been injured and has not competed yet. She is however on the island and participating in the relay portion tomorrow so Bermudians will be able to watch her compete.

Flora is everywhere!


The barricades have started to go up downtown, tonight is the kids’ duathlon and tomorrow the main event. This means that we will be staying away from town and watching it live on TV. If you want to watch this event and see how beautiful the island is, I believe you will be able to watch on BBC sports and failing that, just go to

Happy Tri weekend everyone!

Mama Why Don’t you Write a Blog Anymore?

Is what Thing 1 has been asking for a month. She brought it up again last weekend while she was here for Easter, and frankly, the only answer I gave her is, life in general has been busy.  Here is a glimpse of what has been going on with the Coopers in Bermuda (and Montreal) since we came back from Christmas.

Thing 2 – As a 20 year old young man, Thing 2 doesn’t talk much. As far as I know, he has been busy with his third year of university at Concordia while working as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Whenever I send him a message asking anything I get the usual, ”yes”, ”no”, ”Sure” and ”Can do”. Thing 2 has never been a huge talker. One good news about him. He applied and got a job with parks Canada and is leaving his Mama for three and a half months (this is how I see it anyways…) on May 12 to go work in the Yukon, at Kluane National Park. It is beautiful up there and I know he will have a blast.

But, before he can go, he needs to have his wisdom teeth removed. His Mama is flying to Montreal on May 5th. May 6th I will torture Thing 2 by taking him shopping for hiking boots, (I swear, he HATES shopping. If he could go barefoot and naked, he would be much happier.) May 7th is his oral surgery and then for the rest of the week I will take care of my Thing 2. Daddy Cool will come to Montreal on May 10th for one last weekend with Thing 2 and then on May 12th, we will put him on a plane and go for brunch!

Thing 1 –  She has been busy working and finishing her thesis while playing rugby and training for the half marathon we ran two weekends ago. She is now a ”Maître” and we are very proud of her. A week before the half-marathon, she called me after her first rugby ”Contact” practice and announced she had injured herself. I wanted to ring her neck! Alas, youth is on her side and her ACL was not torn, just sprained and she managed to run this half in NYC with a PR of 1:54! (Bitch! Just kidding, excellent, very proud of you!) We had a fun weekend in NYC with my Sole Sister. It was a fun time and if Thing 1 can find my Sole Sister and I a 10 km to run (we think our Half careers are over!), while she runs another half, we may consider it. But there better be wine involved.

Daddy Cool –  There has been lots of squash in the first three months of 2019. In February, he played and won the Senior Club Championship and is now back to back Senior Club champion. In March, there was a tournament with overseas player and we hosted a couple. It was a lot of fun and we saw some really good squash. Two weeks ago was the Legends of Squash where 8 players come to the island to play in this fun tournament. I think 4 were former world #1 and the other four were either former #2 or #3 and there was a young guy who was number 12 in the world (I think), but we saw him play last summer at the Masters and he won the 35 – 40 years old players. He was the youngest on court and he ended winning but if you want to see something funny, I invite you to watch this video from the BSRA Instagram account.


Yes! The shoes belong to Peter who had put them on top of his locker to dry. L.J. who had been struggling with his shoes all week, saw them, tried them on and decided to play with them. The shoes have now been autographed and I don’t think they will ever be played with.

Aside from that, Daddy Cool went on a whirlwind tour of London, Singapore, Dublin, and then London again before coming back to the Rock. He was gone for 18 days and since I don’t sleep well while he is gone, I was becoming a Zombie. He almost missed his return flight. He fell asleep in the BA Lounge and when he woke up, they were announcing the final boarding call. He ran to the gate (which was on the other side of Gatwick) and made it in time as they were closing the doors. I needed my sleep and would have killed him if he had been delayed one more day. Good thing he made it back in time.

Mama – As for moi, let’s just say a lot of stuff has happened since Christmas.

One: Been busy coaching my little swimmers, a.k.a. ”My Minions”. They are doing great, having fun with them and they are keeping me young.

Two: I struggled while training for this last half-marathon. My plantar fasciitis that first manifested itself in 2011, came back in the middle of my training with a vengeance. My last 6 weeks from Monday to Sunday pretty much looked like this, SWIM, SWIM, RUN, SWIM, SWIM, REST, LONG RUN, REPEAT. And Tuesdays and Thursdays I would go see physiotherapist or podiatrist for laser treatment. The run was hell for me. It was mostly, RUN first 5 miles, then WALK up hills, and RUN down hills. I made it, it was painful but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with copious amounts of Aleve, cocktails and wine. Let’s just say that when I finally went to bed on Sunday night after watching the first episode of Game of Thrones, I COULD NOT FEEL A THING ANYWHERE IN MY BODY! It was Awesome! At the moment, I am on a one month break from running with loads of swimming and walking. Have to rest up the fascia.

Three: This kind of stuff only happens in Bermuda. Before Christmas, my GP ordered a pelvic CT. So I went to the hospital and they performed a CT scan. This was my first ever CT scan and I just did what I was told. They injected dye and I laid there and entered the machine and held my breath etc… Friday Dec. 16th, (I remember the date because I was driving to the airport), my GP office called and asked if I could come in to ”discuss the test results”. I informed them I was on my way to airport and asked if it could wait till after the holidays. They said yes. Upon the first week of my return I went to see my GP who informed me that the hospital had performed the wrong CT, and that I needed to go back for a pelvic CT, but that in the meantime, they had discovered an aneurysm on each on my kidneys. The right one was very small and the left one was a bit bigger but nothing to worry about. She just said, ”Every week there’s a vascular surgeon that comes from the Lahey clinic and maybe you should meet him. I will send his team the films and they will contact you but I wouldn’t be worried, they will probably just want to keep an eye on them for now.” I didn’t make a big thing of it. Someone called me at the end of January and arranged the consult. But that got cancelled because the surgeon had been delayed getting on the island, due to a storm, I would have to wait another week. This happened twice. Third time, the surgeon wanted to see me before he flew back to Boston so he asked that I go to the hospital at 8 am, before his flight back to Boston. He came in the consult with his suitcase ready to go to the airport. After a 45 minute consult I came out of there a little bit in shock and phoned Peter at work. The consensus is that the one on the left is quite large, and in the words of the Surgeon, ”Your GP doesn’t know what she is talking about.” And then he said, normally, this would not be urgent but because you live on a Rock in the middle of the Atlantic where there are many X factors that can make this go sideways if it was to burst, I would like to operate sooner rather than later. When I asked if we could do it next time he comes to Bermuda, he just shook his head NO. He said that even though this is a new hospital, they are not equipped to deal with this. He kind of put the radiology department under the bus and just said, ”Listen, the fact that they performed the wrong CT to uncover this says a lot about who is working down there.” So now after several weeks of back and forth emails and phone calls, Peter and I are getting an all expense paid “séjour” at the beautiful Lahey Clinic downtown Burlington Mass. Not suppose to be flying for a solid week after operations, so I will be off island from May 5th to May 26th. Actually looking forward to driving up to the townships after my surgeries and enjoying some quiet time at Weirwood.

There you have it. Almost four months in a nutshell. Not very exciting, ”C’est la vie! Et la vie continue.”

Thing 1, I promise to write more in the future. XO