O Tanenbaum!

Tuesday morning Thing 2 and I set out to look for the perfect Christmas tree for Weirwood. Thing 1 who has high school connections with a tree farm dynasty, sent us to an uncle of the so called high school guy, (I will keep his name confidential, I don’t want him to get into trouble).

Upon our arrival to the so called tree farm where we were suppose to select and cut our tree, we noticed the deserted parking lot. More importantly, the entire place was closed, even though their website claimed it was open…

We called Thing 1, she apologized and told us that her high school connection said that if we could not get to his uncle’s tree farm, to go to this other one and she gave me the phone number. I called, they were not opened on a weekday, just this weekend. Hummm? I don’t know if I want to wait till Saturday, December 22nd. I thanked him, said I would think about it and called Canadian Tire to see if they had any trees left. They did not. I phoned Rona, asked the same thing. They had one left at their Magog store, “How tall?” I was told 7 feet. Okay, I decided to drive us out of the forest and instructed Thing 2 to keep his eyes opened for guys selling trees on the side of the road, we would go check the one at Rona in Magog.

On the way back into Magog, Thing 2 was on the phone with his boss from the pool when I stopped at a nursery who was advertising Christmas Trees for sale. No joke, all he had were Charlie Brown Christmas trees, I was starting to get a little nervous. I returned to the car, Thing 2 was off the phone, we drove on to Rona to check the 5 footer, not 7 footer, tree standing on its own by the door to the store. I told Thing 2, it’s okay but short. If we don’t find anything, we will come back.

We drove out of the Rona parking lot, and I noticed the trees in the Giant Tiger parking lot and made a bee line for the lot. Thing 2 was laughing his head off because Giant Tiger (a thrift store with very inexpensive clothing items, is where he shops all summer when he works at camp.) And there, sitting on its own, all wrapped up was this 10 footer. I asked the man selling them if it was a nice one. He reassured me by telling me that he has sold 4 of them already. One to a regular customer who has been buying from him for the last 10 years and she had sent him a photo. I looked at the photo, the tree looked full, no holes so I decided to take a chance. He said since we were close to Christmas and it was a big one, the price was $75.00. I laughed internally and said okay with a defeated look. Trees in Bermuda are anywhere between $110 and $230. Turns out, all I had in my wallet was exactly $75.00, it was meant to be!



Back home it was not easy to put it in the stand. Thing 2 had to chisel the base to fit.



While it dropped, I was baking my cassava pie and my tourtiere.


Then it was time to get the ladder out and put on the lights and the many decorations.


The next morning, I added the village. It takes a village.


This is the final look. (There is a hole in the bottom in the middle, I will fix it when I get back to Weirwood!)

Before any of you start to write me an email, I know it’s a bit crooked on one side, it leans a bit to the left, no worries, I bought the fish line for Daddy cool to fix it when he gets to Weirwood tomorrow.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays everyone! The Coopers.

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