What is on this Green Stick?

I was cleaning my desk and came upon a green memory stick. I had no idea what was on it so stuck it in my laptop only to find a collection of all the photos from the travels and the hiking of our last 5 1/2 years in the UK.

Everything is there except for our Dubai trip, a hike we took with Sarah to go see some pones, our last hiking trip to the coastal path in Cornwall and our last trip to Paris with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Man we covered a lot of ground in 5 1/2 years.  Two ski trips in Austria, two in Italy. Several hiking getaways; Hadrian’s wall, Ben Nevis, Snowdon in Wales, Scaffell Pike, Seven Sisters, The Dover Cliffs, and Dartmoor National Park. Weekend getaways in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Iceland, San Sebastian,  Normandy, Athens, Nice, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Venice, Budapest, Bordeaux (to run Le Medoc), Dublin (twice), Avignon and  Jordan.

In England we went to Oxford, Bath, Cambridge, Liverpool, Brighton, Kent region, Cornwall and also parts of Scotland (Edinburgh and St. Andrews).

I followed Peter on business trips to Sidney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zug (Switzerland) and New York.

We went on three beautiful and memorable trips. One to the Yukon to visit my brother. Breath taking part of Canada! The second one and my favorite one (sorry Yukon), Istanbul and the third one to St. Petersburg, also amazing.

This is why every time I go to the United States I get pulled over and the agent questions me.

Agent, “Elise, what do you do for a living?”

Me, “Stay at home mom.”

Agent, “Why do you have visa entries to Jordan, Russia and Turkey?”

Me, “I just travel for leisure with my husband.”

Weird how they never really ask Peter. Always me because I have an older passport and these visas will be with me till 2023. Peter’s passport is new and I think he got it done after the Turkey and Russia trip. He still has Jordan. Oh well, I don’t mind, I will fondly remember all these places and the visas and questions at the border are totally worth it!

I leave you with a video montage of the green stick (not in order of visit) and photos of the places that were not on the mysterious green stick.





20170312_050429 (1)












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