Saturday Morning

Has quickly become a trip to Windy Bank Farm market for me.


Every Saturday I get up and after my morning coffee, I like to jump on the scooter and head over to Windy Bank farm. I go on the scooter since their parking is, shall we say, almost nonexistent and if there are loads of people, which often there are, you end up parking your car at your own risk.

That being said, going with the scooter by myself poses a challenge. There is only so much I can buy. Sometimes, Daddy Cool comes along, so two scooters are better than one, but lately he has squash on Saturday morning and if you want the good stuff, you have to go early.

20181103_084613 (1)

Food in the seat.


Food in the box.

This morning I made my regular Saturday morning pilgrimage and bought some veg, fruits, soups and a loaf of Spanakopia Loaf (Spinach, Feta, Dill & Onion). I am told it goes well with the gingered chicken and coconut soup. All made at the farm and usually excellent. This is also where I buy my eggs but I did not need any this week. I like that I can take back my egg carton and they will just fill it up with fresh eggs.

windy bank

The yummy baked goods made at the farm and the eggs.


I realize that not all veg and fruits come from Windy Bank farm but while living on this Rock in the middle of the Atlantic, I am really making an effort to buy local and what is in season. Trying to practice the 3Rs as best as I can.



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