Awesome Round The Sound and Thanksgiving Weekend!

There was plenty of eating. There was a swim practice in ferry reach on Friday morning, (Thank you Floatie!). There was pool swimming at the National Stadium. There was golfing. But mostly there was fun with family and friends all around.

This has been a great Round the Sound and Thanksgiving weekend.

Thing 2 swam the 4 km in 1:17:09

Thing 1 swam the 2 km in 44:46

Gougounes swam the 2 km in 42:50

Floatie swam the 2 km in 47:40




Getting Ready!

The turkey has been taking out of the freezer and put in the fridge. The brine bucket is out of the garage and getting washed in the kitchen. The house and ”Love Shack” have been cleaned, Daddy Cool and Mama are getting ready for Thanksgiving!



This weekend is not only Canadian Thanksgiving, it is also Round The Sound and Thing 1, Thing 2 and my niece a.k.a. Gougounes, are coming to the Rock for turkey dinner AND to swim the Round The Sound on Sunday.

Round the Sound is a annual event on the Rock. You can swim either 10 Km, 8 Km, 4 Km, 2 Km and 800 meters. In Open Water Swimming Magazine, it is ranked 15 out of 100 open water swimming events in the world.

I was supposed to swim the 2 Km but my ENT has said NO! So Thing 1, Gougounes and my Floatie will have to swim the 2 Km without me. Thing 2 is swimming the 4 Km.

I hope they will have a good swim, unfortunately, tropical storm Leslie has been going around in circle to our East and she just won’t go away. This means that it has been windy on our little Rock in the middle of the Atlantic. This is what it looks like in the Sound this morning. Yes it looks bad, but let me say, it is better than yesterday.


We have a pretty busy weekend on the horizon. The kids ( and I will include Gougounes in this), arrive today on Westjet. Then, Thing 1 will take my bike to TCD to practice the motorcycle circuit at TCD. Thing 1 is riding the Bermuda motorcycle test tomorrow at 2 pm. If she passes, she will be able to use my bike when she comes on island and I won’t have to rent one! But before she can pass it, she needs to practice the following:

Motorcycle riding test requirements

The Motorcycle Riding Test is designed to test your ability to control the cycle under many different circumstances including: 

  • making turns;
  • traveling in a straight line;
  • acceleration and braking; and
  • slow speed maneuvers.

Large Circle

You must make one complete turn both ways and return to the stop line. Correct posture and smooth throttle control is the aim of this exercise. While on the circle, look through the turn and lean slightly.. Return to the stop line using both brakes to stop.

Serpentine Ride

While moving forward and keeping both feet on the foot rest, you must ride through the serpentine/zigzag in a controlled manner during the test.


She is already. A very good and confident rider but she needs to practice this on MY scooter. I just hope ”Snowy Antilope” (My Indian name and what I call my bike) survives…

Anyhoo, must go. Am super excited my troops are arriving today. Can’t wait to get this Thanksgiving weekend extravagannnzzza going!