Took Over a Year…

But I finally finished it! I started this when we were in London. I wanted to see if I could needlepoint a 3′ X 5′ rug. Turns out I can but man it took a while.

I kept on seeing these rugs in my Erhman needlepoint catalog and I kept thinking, I should do one of these. The one I just finished was on sale, (they are not cheap! Now I know why a good rug is so expensive), but I liked the funky design and thought, ”Hey, let’s try it!”



The rug has traveled. Last February I brought it with me from London to the cottage. I worked on it there and left it there thinking I would work on it every time I went to the cottage and eventually finished it.

Since I couldn’t swim, kayak or paddle board after my operation, I took it out again and started the last little bit I had. When Peter went back to Bermuda and I chilled in Montreal, I brought it back with me to the city and worked on it every minute I could.

When it was time to come back to Bermuda, I only had two little parts left to do. I thought, I am bringing this baby back home and getting it done once and for all!

Well, now it’s done but the canvas was all stretched diagonally. It doesn’t really look like a square rug. I researched what to do and what I found out was that you had to stretch it by stapling it on a piece of wood. Peter helped me put some plywood together and he stapled it while I held it. Now, everyday I am ironing it and hoping slowly it will come back to a square. Once that is completed, I will be able to take it somewhere (don’t know where exactly on this island but I am researching) and have a backing added to officially make it into a rug.

Now that this is done, I can continue working on my skier pillow! At least this is smaller and I won’t have to stretch it once I am done.



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