An Ear Update


Next morning post surgery. A highly medicated Mama takes a bad selfie! I actually don’t remember taking this one. Found it in my phone…

Just came back from my latest ENT appointment and I have good news and bad (not so bad really) news.


Let’s be positive and start with the good news shall we? I CAN GET BACK IN THE POOL!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Of course, I promised to wear my ear plug, cover it with vaseline and put my bathing cap on. In fact, I put two bathing caps on. One to make sure the plug stays in and one to make sure the other cap stays on.

Dr. Bell proclaimed that my ear was looking healthy, that it was healed properly and that I could resume all activities such as rowing, kayaking and swimming. Just to take it easy for the next two weeks but I can get back in the POOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO Excited, you have no idea!


Again, it is not so bad really. He doesn’t want me to swim in the ocean just yet. Wants me to wait at least another month before I go and do some open water swimming. He doesn’t want me to take any chances with ocean wave water pressure and catching any bug from the ocean. When I tried to mention the upcoming Round The sound swim, he just shook his head and said, ”I would rather you didn’t”. I asked him if he was a swimmer, (He just moved here from Belfast and looks like he could be a swimmer), he replied that actually, he was. I told him since he is new to the island, he should swim during the Round The Sound on October 7th. He replied, ”I’ll tell you what, I just moved here and I don’t think I am in any shape to swim the Round The Sound. Why don’t you get your ear under control and next year, I will swim it with you!”

Well my friends, that did not fall on a ”deaf ear”! (Just one with 50% less hearing!) I plan on making sure this ear is healthy next year and I will hold him to it!

Till then, sorry to Thing 1, Thing 2, Gougounes and Floatie. You will have to swim the RTS without me but fear not, I plan on following you on my kayak and take photos!

And Floatie, what time shall we meet at the pool tomorrow morning?


Took Over a Year…

But I finally finished it! I started this when we were in London. I wanted to see if I could needlepoint a 3′ X 5′ rug. Turns out I can but man it took a while.

I kept on seeing these rugs in my Erhman needlepoint catalog and I kept thinking, I should do one of these. The one I just finished was on sale, (they are not cheap! Now I know why a good rug is so expensive), but I liked the funky design and thought, ”Hey, let’s try it!”



The rug has traveled. Last February I brought it with me from London to the cottage. I worked on it there and left it there thinking I would work on it every time I went to the cottage and eventually finished it.

Since I couldn’t swim, kayak or paddle board after my operation, I took it out again and started the last little bit I had. When Peter went back to Bermuda and I chilled in Montreal, I brought it back with me to the city and worked on it every minute I could.

When it was time to come back to Bermuda, I only had two little parts left to do. I thought, I am bringing this baby back home and getting it done once and for all!

Well, now it’s done but the canvas was all stretched diagonally. It doesn’t really look like a square rug. I researched what to do and what I found out was that you had to stretch it by stapling it on a piece of wood. Peter helped me put some plywood together and he stapled it while I held it. Now, everyday I am ironing it and hoping slowly it will come back to a square. Once that is completed, I will be able to take it somewhere (don’t know where exactly on this island but I am researching) and have a backing added to officially make it into a rug.

Now that this is done, I can continue working on my skier pillow! At least this is smaller and I won’t have to stretch it once I am done.