10 years ago when we lived on De Rock we had an ”IAMCDN” vanity plate on our Suzuki Liana.

New Hampshire 563


I was off island when Daddy Cool sold the car and wasn’t able to keep the plates as a memento.

I swore to myself that if and when we would come back, I would go to TCD and see if the plates were still available and if so, I would  order them.

Six weeks ago I made my way to TCD, got a number and waited almost an hour before being able to order the plates. First they had to verify that IAMCDN was no longer in the system. Upon verification, I got confirmation that it was indeed available. The lady that bought our car in 2012 got rid of her plates! Woohoo!!! So I filled out the paperwork, paid the required $139.00 and was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks.

Well, I think it took more like 7 weeks but it was worth the wait. This morning I picked up my new plates, went to Auto Solutions (the car dealership because they have a ”special tool” to put the vanity plates on,) and voila, 15 minutes later, I drove out of there telling the world IAMCDN!

I said once, I will say it again, ”It’s as if we never left!”



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