Devil’s Mile Swim


While I was coaching swimming a couple weeks ago, someone mentioned that there was this new open water race called the Devil’s Hole Mile. Basically, you swim from Devil’s Hole all across to Trunk Island. I thought, it’s only a mile, why not do it?

Also, my Floatie(Lorrie) and I, have started swimming open water in the last two weeks.  We are slowly getting ready to possibly swim the Round The Sound this October.

Going from the pool to the sea takes getting used to. Yes you are more buoyant because of salt water, but on the other hand, your tongue swells up almost double in size! Well, that’s if you bring with your mouth open, (which I do), so I have to train and adjust that little part of my swimming.

Anyways, when I heard about this race, I thought it would be a good race for Floatie and I to sign up and do. Sunday morning, start at 11 am,  swim 1 mile to an island where they offer you beer and burgers and then you get on a boat provided by the aquarium that brings you back to shore. Easy right?


The goal, Trunk Island in the middle of Harrington Sound.


This morning the Sound looked quiet….


After signing my waiver and getting lucky number 13, I was set to go.


We were instructed to swim left of the buoys all the way to the island.

When the start signal went off, Floatie and I just let everyone go out fast. We knew we could swim the distance, that was not a problem, we just wanted to get some open water swimming experience. I did not care how long it would take us. Just swimming in a relatively straight line by peaking in front of you every 4 arm strokes is challenging enough! At one point I turned around and Floatie was swimming along the shore taking the long way to the finish line. I called her out and after she saw me, she made a beeline for me and we never looked back. The last 400 meters were choppy and you could swallow a gallon of water every time you took a breath but it was a gorgeous day, the water was warm and when we finished, the beer was REALLY GOOD! I mean come on, there are worst places to be on a Sunday morning.


Two happy Floaties on the way back to shore. Look at that water! (Not at my hair!)


The crew on the aquarium boat. Of course, Floatie knew all of them.


Thing 3 was waiting for us at the Harrington Primary school dock. He drove me up to Harrissii and Peter was in the pool cooling down from his squash training session. I jumped in with him! You know, to get rid of the sea salt….

When we were driving off he asked if I was hungry. I replied that I only had a beer, so yeah, I was hungry! He instructed me to get dry and dressed and he took me to the beach club for some lunch a mojitos. Island life is good!





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