It’s as if we never left!

We’ve been back in Bermuda for just over two weeks now and it’s as if we never left.


The move went fairly well. A couple of small hurdles with regards to cable, but I have a guy in the attic looking into it as I am writing this, and I will not let him leave until I get my HBO and Showtime channels that I am paying for!

Aside from that, we have really nice landlords. They took us out to dinner the first week we were here, in order to hand over the keys and answer any questions we may have about the property. In meeting them,we found out that our landlady is a Hollis, and that the house we are renting from her is the house she grew up in and the original homestead to the Hollis farm. Our house is named, Harrissii, after the Easter Lily that our land lady’s grandfather farmed.

Mr. Hollis specialized in a type of Bermuda Easter Lily called “The Harrissii”. The late Mr. Hollis’ theory on the origin of the Harrissii lily in Bermuda is that a convict at the Naval Dockyard wrote to a woman by the name of Mrs. Harris, who was related to the convict, to visit Bermuda from Scotland in the late 1700s.”

Here is an interesting article about Malcolm Hollis with some old photos of where our property is located.

On top of this historical connection to the island, we have amazing views of Harrington Sound, the South Shore and the use of a dock on Harrington Sound. In the process of figuring out how to lock up my paddle boards and kayak over there. Will keep you posted.

Every time I go somewhere to inquire about a service, whether it’s cable, our cell phones, TCD, our HSBC accounts, our US Mailboxes account, etc… anything that has to do with taking care of a home or a car, we are already in the system and people just reactivate our accounts. It’s been easier than anticipated and it’s as if we never left.


p.s. Please note I have changed my site address from canadianmamainlondon to canadianmamaontherock.