Took Almost Two Days…


But it was worth it.

Sunday morning Thing 1 drove us to the airport through a small snow storm. No big accumulation, just some snow. Surely the flight would still take off.

We checked our 4 bags, headed through security with each a carry-on and a backpack (yes, we had lots of luggage good thing we were flying business, no charge on luggage). I was randomly picked at security and when they swiped my backpack it set off an alarm. So I got searched and padded pretty good but was cleared for U.S. Customs. No problems there and after about 30 minutes, we emerged into the duty free shop and just walked to our gate. It was about 11:15 am, two hours before our flight and it showed on time.

Well, about 30 minutes later, it was delayed 45 minutes…no problem, we have 3 hours at JFK, we’ll make our Bermuda flight.

Another 30 minutes go by and another 20 minutes was added to our departure…

Then about 45 minutes later I receive an email from AA saying departure 15:00 (we were suppose to leave at 13:15) and arrival at JFK at 17:04. Flight to Bermuda is 17:20!

I got up and went to see the agent who was already talking with another customer traveling through Kennedy and going to Bermuda. They told us we would make it but for both of us it was not our first rodeo, we knew they were lying.

Anyways, long story short, the flight eventually got cancelled. We still don’t know why because other planes were landing and the snow storm had stopped and turned into rain. Very bizarre.

AA booked us on the Monday 7 am Westjet flight connecting in Boston and we got on the 10:20 Delta flight. We were lucky to get our business class seats honored.

Yesterday morning, Thing 1 picked us up at 4:30 am and drove us to airport again. When we checked in at the Westjet counter, plane was delayed to 8 am….but we made it to Boston with 10 minutes to spare before boarding.

We landed in Bermuda and it was a balmy 71 degrees and beautiful sunshine.

One of my floaties, Maria, picked us up. We tested her car’s luggage capacity but everything went in. Turns out I bought the same car she has so it showed us our new car luggage capacity. Maria drove us to Auto Solutions where we picked up our new “Sleek Silver 2018 Hyundai Creta”. After signing some last bit of paperwork and getting instructions from the salesman (while Daddy Cool packed up the car because he just wanted to get the hell out of there), we were on our way.

I then stopped at another one of my floatie’s office (Lorrie), to pick up some summer clothes I had left with her during my last trip to Bermuda. I tried to see her but she was busy working….I’ll catch her later.

Then we drove to the company apartment near Elbow Beach (Pretty nice by the way) and we changed into our shorts and sandals.

After a quick trip to the office I took Peter to show him the house where he told me, “You did real good Mama!”


Views of Harrington Sound from the front back porch.


I realized that we even have vegetable garden beds.


Front of the house.


The new sleek silver chariot and the garage with guest house in the back.

Apparently, our stuff is on the rock and in the process of clearing customs. Looks like we will be moving in on March 1st as planned by MOI. March 1st is also when The One company is coming to install internet/cable for us.

Now, all we have to do before Thursday, is open bank accounts, get cell phones, boost the Bermuda economy by buying everything with a North American plug, confirm and organize delivery of kayak, confirm and organize delivery of my paddle boards and get my National Pool swim membership. I’m not worried. Everything will get done. (I hope?!)

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