WTF Wednesday, We Rented a Lemon!

Daddy Cool and I have been living in a short term rental since January 6th and it has been bumpy to say the least.

First week we moved in, a leak was coming from our bathroom (don’t know where exactly) and water pouring into the kids bedroom below us. It got fixed by the end of the first week.

Second week, boiler went on the fritz! No hot water and heat for a full day. Contractor was called and he came to fix it.

Third week, the flat above us is doing some work and hammering away. Chunk of plaster and dust come down the chimney. Didn’t think it was a working fireplace but it would seem the chimney is still opened. Didn’t have to call contractor but I had to do some major vacuuming.

In week four, five and six, finally a little rest. Just some light bulbs in chandelier that keep on going out. I changed them yesterday when I noticed I was starting to be a little in the dark.

Monday morning this week, I’m in Belfast, Peter is shaving and pouff, all four lights in the bathroom go out. WTF!!!! He emailed me as I was getting on plane at Dublin airport. I immediately emailed Dee (our property manager), and she called the contractor. He came yesterday, played with the dimmer switch for 30 minutes only to come up with, “Well it looks like you need 4 new light bulbs. Do you have any?”


“I will have to go to store and come back.” He did and changed the light bulbs in the bathroom. They are not the right size but I don’t care, only 3 more days to go until I move our bags to a nice hotel down the road. I want to spend our last night in London in the comforts of a hotel hoping that nothing will happen.

At this moment, I am a little disappointed in my choice of short term rental. For the amount of money I paid for 7 weeks, (£8200 including my £1100 deposit which I better get back in full!) I feel like I rented a dud. Yes, the location was right in terms of parking with our car, closeness to squash club and we knew the neighborhood but man, plumbing and electricity need updating and Wi-Fi doesn’t make it all the way to the bedroom in the back.

When the contractor left yesterday he asked me, “How much longer are you here for?” to which I replied, “We are leaving on Friday afternoon.” He then said with a chuckle, “Well Mrs. Cooper, it’s been nice meeting you but I hope we never meet again.”

I simply replied, “ME TOO!”





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