Two Weeks To Go!


Daddy Cool and I are off in less than two weeks from today and most of the people that know this ask us, ”You are going to miss London, right?”

Of course I will miss London! London is a beautiful, vibrant city with lots to do but, yes there is a but, it is not perfect. There are things am I going to miss and things I am not going to miss. Here’s a short list:

Top Things I am going to miss about London:

  1. World class museums. London has some of the best museums I have seen and most are free. They do have exhibits that you have to pay for but for 10 to 15 quid these exhibits are worth it. I personally have seen some of the best exhibits in my life in the museums here.
  2. Public transportation. Between the tube, the bus and the overground (trains for suburbs), London has some of the best public transportation in the world. You can get anywhere in this city with public transport. We rarely use the car in the city. Peter uses it to get to squash and that’s it. Otherwise, we have used the ”Green Machine” (our car), for weekend trips and whenever we had to go outside of London. You don’t need a car in London, you can get anywhere with public transport and walking.
  3. Walking. Yes, I will miss walking everywhere. It is a great way to discover a city and Peter and I will miss our walks in Hyde Park. Living by the park we have grown accustom to just go for walks on weekends and sometimes at night. Just to see a different part of the park. It is a lovely park and we understand why so many enjoy it every day.
  4. Groceries. I know, Groceries? Well, according to a UN report, Bermuda has the most expensive groceries in the world. We have a saying on the island, “it’s the Price of Palm Trees!” London has an amazing variety of groceries. Between farmer’s markets, big chain stores and Ocado who will deliver to your door from 5:30 am till midnight…, yeah I think I will miss the grocery options I had in London.
  5. The West End. London is home to some of the best plays and musicals and we have enjoyed many of them in our 5 and 1/2 years here. Let’s not forget, because we lived so close to Royal Albert Hall, we used to go there a lot as well. Yes, we will miss world class entertainment.
  6. Cinemas. One thing that Bermuda does not have is GREAT cinemas. Peter and I have always enjoyed “going to the movies” and I think we will cut back on that once on the Rock. We’ll just have to do like we did when we lived there. As soon as we get off the island, go see a couple movies.
  7. Weekend Getaways. Daddy Cool and I have taken advantage of the fact that when you live here, it’s easy and not that expensive, to get on a plane and go spend a long weekend and explore a foreign land. Now we just plan on being closer to Thing 1 and Thing 2 and see them more often.
  8. My Canadian Women friends that I have met throughout the years. Every Wednesday morning we meet for walks through Regent’s park and we have coffee. These are the same ladies I have my monthly book exchange with. A lovely group of Canadian Expat who have lived all over the globe and always have funny and interesting stories to share. I will miss them.


Top Things I am Not Going to Miss About London- Or Rather, things I am looking forward to.

  1. Grey skies and having to take vitamin D. – Yep I can throw away that supplement, all I will have to do is get out by the pool.
  2. Unfriendly Londoners. Sorry Londoners but you have to be the most unfriendly people I have met in the world. I run in Hyde Park and as a runner, you are suppose to greet the other runners, they are part of your tribe. NOPE! Not in London, they look down or avoid all eye contact. I am convinced that if a fellow runner says hi, he or she is a tourist who brought their sneakers in other to run in the park while on Vacay. We have lived here for 5 1/2 years and the only neighbors we talked to are the French family across the mews from us and the young Italian artist who used to come and borrow garlic. Aside from that, the English folks just look down when they cross you. No eye contact….I am looking forward to the Bermuda way of saying hi to total strangers.
  3. Jet Lag! So much traveling across the pond and I swear, it is getting harder to deal with Jet Lag when I get back and also getting harder to leave Thing 1 and Thing 2 every time we come back. It will be nice to be closer and not have to deal with jet lag when we go back home.
  4. Hard water that destroys your clothes. Washer/Dryer that take 3 hours to do a small load! And here in the short term rental, we have a combi (combination washer dryer), not kidding folks, close to 5 hours for one load.
  5. Light switch outside the bathroom and no plugs in the bathrooms. I really can’t get over that one. While I am on the subject of electricity, BIG FUCKING PLUGS!!!! WTF! surely this is 2018, someone can come up with a smaller version….It will be nice to go back to hydro that I grew up with.
  6. Looking forward to one big fridge with a big freezer!
  7. Looking forward to a real microwave who will make popcorn, truly make the whole bag.
  8. Not much for public transport in Bermuda and yes we will be using our car and scooters more but yeah for scooters! They are fun and heck, the place is so tiny, getting to most places from where we live will take 15 minutes without much traffic.
  9. Looking forward to swimming in the morning at National Pool Stadium.
  10. Looking forward to kayaking the beautiful waters of Bermuda, (already ordered my kayak). Same with paddle boarding…
  11. Looking forward to spending time with my Floaties!
  12. Pretty sure Daddy Cool is looking forward to squash at the BSRA and having a TCD (no not the Transport Control Department but rather The Cooper Drink) after a match. And if you want to know what is in a TCD, you have to come to the BSRA to find out.
  13. And I’m pretty sure, Daddy Cool can’t wait to go golfing more often.


There you have it. London has been great but I guess I am just looking forward to a slower pace lifestyle and less people. Having lived in Bermuda before, I know it is not perfect by any means but I can’t wait to be there and start the next chapter.

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