The Winner Is…


The Pool House.

I did it! I found a place for us to live for the next three years.

For a day there, it was quite stressful. Last Wednesday morning, before I left to see houses in Bermuda, there were 8 houses for me to view. Wednesday night before going to bed, I received an email from our real estate agent in Bermuda, we were down to 4 properties available. WTF! Four had received serious offers.

Thursday afternoon I flew to Bermuda, stayed with my good friends the Penistons and crossed my fingers it was all going to work out on Friday morning, and I was going to find a place to live. I had to, Thing 1 and one of her girlfriend have tickets to arrive March 5th and stay for a week, and my brother and his wife are coming March 18th to the 30th. The pressure was on.

My favorite one was called Harissii’s (no this is not a typo, this is how it is written on the lease). I had asked the agent to see that one first thing at 9 am so my bestie, Lorrie, dropped me off at the Harrington Sound Primary school where I got picked up by my agent. As soon as I sat in the car the agent said to me, “Harissii’s got an offer last night but not a full one”. My thought, and I probably said it out loud, FUCK!

We drove up Harrington Hundreds rd in Smith’s Parish, took a left on Oleander Hill and kept on driving up to Harissii’s and when we parked in the horseshoe driveway I knew I wanted it. A typical Bermuda cottage, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, nice kitchen, living room and it comes with a guest cottage, a pool and pool house. But what got me are the views of Harrington Sound and the South Shore. I quickly told the agent to make a “full ask” offer. She called the other agent, made the offer and said, “Okay, let’s go see the other ones while we wait to hear.” The other ones did not come even close to Harissii’s.

After all the viewings, she dropped me off into town and said she would call me as soon as she heard. I grabbed coffee and walked over to my bestie’s office where I took a little nap while she worked.

20 minutes later, power nap over, we went to look at cars. She was also buying a new car and she took a test drive with me and my Thing 3 in the back of the car. The Suzuki Baleno is a nice car. It reminded me a lot of my Suzuki Liana but I had my eye on the Hyundai Creta that I had viewed back in October. Lorrie had mentioned to the salesman that we both wanted to buy so he gave us a little deal and we both ordered our cars that are in the warehouse in New Jersey. My Creta should be there and ready to go for us on Feb. 26th.

When I returned from lunch I had received the great news by email that Harissii’s was ours! Woohoo! Yesterday, as I was walking into our temporary flat in London, I received a copy of our lease signed by us and our new landlady, it’s official!

Here are a few pictures of our views.Harissii3

The pool house from the cottage.


Harrington Sound views from my front porch.


And I found out we have dock rights to this dock on Harrington Sound. Excellent, Lorrie took me to PW Marine and I ordered my kayak.

Now that we have an address, I was told yesterday that our shipment would leave the UK and slowly make its way to “De Rock”. The countdown to Feb. 26th (when we land) has begun.