A Temporary Move

Over the weekend the kids helped us move into our short let.

For the next 43 days, the Coopers will be calling 37 Stanhope Gardens, Flat #2, home.

There were not a lot of options for a short term let in our area and Daddy Cool wanted to be close to tube, squash and have lots of street parking. I think I found a good spot for us. Yes, it is eclectic and no we would not live there year round but for now it will do.

Now, while looking at these pictures, please keep in mind that our landlord is a 60 year old male who lives in Capetown, South Africa and uses this flat in the summer.


When we picked up the keys on Saturday, they told us that if we find the leopard offensive we can remove him. Not that it was offensive but it’s just not very practical when he slides off onto you while you are reading. So the leopard has been removed.


Notice the real turtle shell lamps!


This is the study that I can’t use. I am barred from the study. At the moment it is being used as storage for our suitcases.


The little conservatory where we are to eat.


The settee in our bedroom for me to lounge…


The desk that I WILL NOT USE!

20180106_130214 (1)

Don’t know who this dude is?


Tiny kitchen/laundry room but it has everything. Well, except for a freezer. The freezer is a rack for the ice cube trays. I have a feeling I will be planning and cooking daily meals.

At the moment,  I am back at 59 Princes Gate Mews and the movers are busy packing our house. I hear a lot of tape being put on boxes as well as singing along to Withney Houston. No joke, Paul the mover seems like a fan.


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