Selling Our Stuff

Moving from a 220 amp country to a 110 means one thing, I have to sell anything with a huge plug. Honestly, the big UK plugs are one of the things I will NOT miss.


I have slowly been selling the stuff that we do not need on a day to day basis but with the upcoming move to our short let this Saturday, yesterday I posted several ads on GUMTREE and started to sell the rest of our stuff and let’s just say I was not expecting the response I got for certain items.

  1. The televisions: I have two left. A 33″ Samsung HD TV and a 48″ Samsung Smart TV with built in Wi-Fi. The first I was asking £50 and the second one, £400. We did after all pay £900 5 years ago. I just wanted to see what they would go for. Well, I did not anticipate getting advice on selling my TVs from several fellow GUMTREE users but I received it in my inbox nevertheless. Sean rudely told me my price was too high since my TV was old, and then he wrote me another email writing, ”I hope I did not come out too rude?” Really Sean? You are a Jackass. Tom said the same and I received a text by someone else…let’s just say there are a lot of people with free time on their hands in the middle of the day. In the end, it was Nana who was nice and made me an offer of £250 for both. SOLD! to Nana who will pick both up Friday night. I hope she shows up.
  2. My T-Fal Fryer. After a lot of back and forth I just met Alivia at the South Kensington tube by the flower stand to hand over the fryer and receive £10 in exchange.

I know the money is chump change but I rather sell my things for almost nothing and see it go to a good home and not a landfill.

3. My Freezer: I did not think I would get such interest but I did. I got an ”Urgent” email from a man called Andrew asking me to call him. Okay….I did, and after some measuring, some description and agreeing on a pick up time…freezer should be leaving us tonight between 6 and 7 pm because Andrew’s brother who has a van has to come with him. I hope they find the pace. Someone asked me if I would deliver it to her? WTF!!! That was my WTF moment for this Wednesday.

4. The drill: The drill was sold in 20 minutes. I had no idea that a drill was such a big ticket item, I probably should have asked more but the guy called me and he came to pick it up at my door and almost ripped it out of my hands.

5. The Vitamix, lamps, iron, coffee maker and fans are being picked up by a friend on Friday.

6.  We are giving our sous-vide and air conditioner to another friend.

I thought I had sold the fridge that is in the garage but it’s too big for Mike. So I still have a fridge, a crockpot and a kettle. If I don’t sell them I will leave the fridge behind and probably will have to toss the crockpot and kettle in the landfill but hey, I will have tried. I am just hoping this is the last time I have to sell all my electronics. Next time we move from Bermuda, we move to another 110 amp country.



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