Happy New Year from the Coopers



The final two days of the Cooper Christmas Extravaganza have come and gone. Our last two days were closer to home but fun nevertheless.

On day 8th we went to watch Star Wars at the Science Museum. Again, this was brought on by a phone call from Thing 1 back in November. You see, Daddy Cool has instill his love of Star Wars (and movies in general) to Thing 1 and Thing 2. Whenever there is a new Star Wars, we get tickets in advance and we usually see it on opening day. But this time, Star Wars was opening the day the kids were getting here and we were already busy. So when Thing 1 phoned back in November to talk Star Wars, I had just noticed that it was showing in IMAX at the Science Museum that sits across the street from us. I bought tickets for December 30th and off we went two days ago.

Another phone call, I swear, every time I see her number on the call display I should not answer right away because every time I pick up the phone, Thing 1 has another great idea and it cost me. Back in October, on the 10th to be precise, Thing 1 called and asked about going to Hogwarts one last time, ”you know, before the move from London to Bermuda. And on top of that, we will see it at Christmas so it will be even more magical.” She also said that she wanted to see the new feature at Warner Brother’s Studio in Leavesden, the Forbidden Forest and she had never seen the train station. It was hard to argue with her logic and of course she had already checked and she knew that there were tickets available for December 31st, at 9 am. Yesterday morning, (Day 9th and FINAL DAY!) we made our way to Hogwarts and we had a fun time going through the place, (almost 4 hours…) On our way back into London we stopped at Westfield Mall to watch the movie, ”Jumanji” (hilarious by the way) after that we finally made it home.

We brought in the New Year by having a meal on the ”raclette” and playing some cards. At 11, Mama went to sleep on the couch (I am fighting a nasty cold and don’t want to contaminate Daddy Cool). He went to sleep in our bed and the THINGS went out to watch the fireworks.

At the moment, every one is still asleep and I am enjoying this quiet time to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2018 brings peace, health and happiness to all!

I think we all need a witch on top of our tree.



Christmas feast at Hogwarts


Yule Tide Bal


The castle in the snow.





The entrance to the forbidden forest where all the spiders jump out at you. I jumped when I was coming around a corner and one of the spiders jumped at me.






Daddy Cool being punished by Thing 1. We had a fun day!

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