Day 2 of the Cooper Christmas Extravaganza a.k.a. the CCE

6:30 am, I am sitting at the kitchen island, drinking my coffee and minding my own business when Thing 1 comes down and says, ”Hey Mama! Want to go for a run in the park,  before I go shopping with Daddy?”

I was enjoying my coffee but off we went for a quick 5 Km in the park.


Sarah standing in front of Kensington Palace with a sad face since Prince Harry who resides there is off the market.

After our run, Peter and Sarah went shopping at Westfield Mall. (Those two always keep it to the last minute!) While Mackenzy and I chilled by reading and watching some Christmas ”tele”.

Around 4 pm the four of us made our way to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. After some rides and walking around the fair it was time for a dinner of ”Fair Food” and cider.



Winter Wonderland just seems to get bigger and bigger every year.



We returned home around 8 pm, just in time to watch the movie ”Elf” and get more Christmas cheer.

My holiday grocery order that I had ordered about a month ago with Ocado, was delivered at 9:40 pm. After I put all the groceries away I was able to brine the turkey in the usual 5 gallon brining bucket and then go to bed.

Christmas Eve! we are almost there, one more ”dodo” until Santa comes to town.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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