Day 1 of the Cooper Xmas Extravaganza

Thing 1 and Thing 2 arrived safely from Montreal yesterday morning. Their flight was 30 minutes late and by the time they got to customs it took them an hour to get through but they are with us and all is good.

When we got back to the mews I let them chill a little but soon we were taking the tube to meet Daddy Cool for lunch.

After lunch we quickly went to visit his temporary/conference room office before his move to Bermuda. He has a nice view of Tower Bridge but better yet, a very appropriate stocking. Lucky for us it was a Bruce Banner day.


Thing 2 was fading fast since he does not like to sleep on planes. Weirdo! Anyways, we went back home and off they both went to bed for some much needed naps. I had admin stuff to take care of. Parking suspension for the upcoming move, call British Gas, cancel golf membership etc…there is always something.

Around 4:30 pm I woke up Thing 1 and told her to get ready for our Christmas light run. No matter where we are, we always do a night time run to see all the Christmas lights. Since this is our last Christmas in London we may need to do more than one. We have a lot of territory to cover, loads of Christmas lights to see. Last night we ran across Hyde Park, onto Oxford Street, all the way and down onto Regent Street. Then at Piccadilly Circus we turned onto Piccadilly, (had a break to listen to some carolers), then we continued and turned onto Old Bond street. After admiring the Dior store (Thing 1’s favorite) we ran back down to Piccadilly and headed to Harrods and finally home. 4 miles and a bit of interval running through crowds. FUN!


Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.


Jump on Oxford street and run through the crowds of shoppers.




Beside Bond street tube station.


Oxford Circus.


The Angels are guarding Regent Street.


Little stop on Carnaby street behind Liberty store.




The many Arcades around Piccadilly are decorated.



Old Bond street.


Thing 1 dreaming of Dior jewelry. Dream on girl!

Back at the mews I started baking shortbread cookies and Peter and Sarah made some fudge. Mackenzy was in charge of setting up our first Christmas movie of the season, ”The Christmas Office Party”. We watched it in the kitchen while drinking some Pimms (I know, not really a Christmas drink but we have to empty the booze cupboard before the move, good thing we are all of age, we have some toasting and drinking to do) and baking. Great day and perfect start to our Christmas Extravaganza.

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