WTF Wednesday, My Christmas Tree Delivery

If you want a nice Christmas tree in Central London, you should order it on-line. I know, I know, there’s probably a tree farm somewhere where I can go cut it but honestly, by the time I get the car out of the garage and drive out of London, the anticipation and fun is gone.

You can buy one locally, they sell them around churches and tube stations, we have done it in the past but then you have to carry it home through crowds of people and as much as it can be funny, (for other people), it’s not for us. So two years ago, I found an on-line service that delivers at home. Of course there is, this is London, everything can be ordered on-line.

I just told a Canadian friend of mine that I had ordered my Christmas tree on-line and she was looking at me with a WTF look. What can I say?

My WTF moment just came to me when I read the email confirming delivery this afternoon between 1 and 6 pm. I just noticed that for £5 more I could have requested that the driver wear a kilt and for £10 more I can have them drag it up the stairs to install it in the stand. Geez, how much to have the Kilt guy decorate it? WTF!

I know my friend Lorrie would have splurged and paid the £5 for the kilt but no, I already paid £80 for this tree, I don’t need the extra costs.

I wonder if my driver Gareth (that’s his name according to my confirmation email), will have one anyways, I can’t imagine poor Gareth having to change his attire for every  household delivery.

Or maybe they bunch the ”Kilt Deliveries” and they are all done by the same guy who looks like Sam Heughan. Lorrie would have paid for that.


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