In Search of Poldark


Harlyn Bay Beach, Cornwall

Just like men read ”Playboy” for the articles, I watch Poldark for the stimulating historical content about tin mining in the UK in the late 1700s!

It has nothing to do with this guy at all…


So, I have been asking Peter if we can go to Cornwall, you know, to hike some of the 630 miles of Coastal Path and see if we can bump into Ross?!

Cornwall is at least a 5 hour drive from London. Friday morning I left around 8:30 and started to drive towards Newquay, that’s where our B&B was. The plan was, I drive to check in, and then drive back 75 miles to the ”big town” of Exeter and pick up Peter who was coming on the train.

He left London on the 14:20 train from Waterloo station and arrived in Exeter at 17:50. I picked him up and we made our way back towards Newquay. We stopped for dinner at Rick Stein’s Fistral and had some of the best fish and chips we’ve had in a long time. Then it was off to bed, we had hiking (looking for Ross) the next day.

Saturday morning after a nice breakfast we drove an hour to the tip of England, Land’s End. There we hiked along the coastal path and it was windy but beautiful. This is a pretty part of England.

Alas, we did not see Ross Poldark along the trail so we went to see if we could spot him in Penzance.

There we walked around and regrouped while having a lovely Cornish Pastie at Warrens. 20171125_125928

After some food we walked on and since we couldn’t find him in Penzance, we drove to St. Ives.

St. Ives is a cute and quaint town. We ended spending the afternoon walking around the old streets and enjoying a Cornish tea. A Cornish tea means,1 scone, some Cornish clotted cream (they are famous for it) and some jam, well with tea of course.  It was excellent. We were going to have to walk some more if we wanted room for dinner!

We walked and looked until dinner time but still no Ross.

Sunday morning we set off away from Newquay along the Coastal path towards Padstow. It was a little less windy than the previous day but at times we had gale force winds and rain. But I could feel we were more in Poldark country.


For those who watch the show, doesn’t this look like Poldark country?


This could be a modern version of Ross’s farm…


This could be the path where he rides his horse to and from town…, or Trenwith.


Could it be Wheal Leisure? His mine? (It was not!)


Could this be his mine? Nope, as we got closer we discovered it was an old type of lighthouse/fortress of some kind.

After nearly 12 miles of hiking in the wind and rain and no Poldark in sight, Peter brought me to a nice restaurant and bought me some cider to help drown my sorrows.




It’s okay Ross, I’m not that upset because after all, your first season was good, you second season was okay and sad to say, during the last season I thought it was too much of a soap opera and I was missing the ”Historical Mining Facts”.

Aside from not finding Ross Poldark, if you can make it to Cornwall, it is absolutely a beautiful part of England. Food is amazingly good and cheap and people are very friendly.

This morning I dropped off Peter at the Newquay airport at 7:25 am. He flew into Gatwick and took the Gatwick express to Victoria station. He was at work at 10:20 am, not bad. I drove home and got here at noon.

All in all, another great weekend!

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