WTF Wednesday!


Why is turkey so expensive in the UK?

Partridges is a small local grocery store near our house where I go often since they have North American products. If I want to buy some twizzlers, real maple syrup, toll house chocolate chips, etc… I go to Partridges and usually find it. You can also find some high end products. They have a great selection of fine cheese, foie gras, and they make pastries and bake their own bread every day.

When I was there on Monday I saw their U.S. Thanksgiving area with pumpkin pie filling, stuffing, cranberries, etc…and a turkey order form. I took a look at the price of the turkey in order to compare with what I pay at my butcher, Parson’s Nose. Well, at £14.95 a kilo, Partridges is right on track. Can you imagine? If you do the conversion to Canadian $ (which by the way, I shouldn’t have done) it comes to $26.85 a kilo! If I bought a 10 kg turkey to feed 16 people and have some left over, I would have to pay $268.50 for my turkey! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the moment I can buy a free range turkey in Montreal for $7.00 a kg. Why is turkey so bloody expensive in the UK? I realize the whole supply and demand thing but still, give me a break. And, don’t the English realize turkey is good for you. It’s a great lean protein meat. I think the pork lobby is TOO BIG in the UK and turkey, the other white meat, doesn’t stand a chance.

Since we are moving after Christmas, this December will be my last turkey purchase at those prices, that’s what I keep on telling myself…that and WTF!!!

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