Things Are Slowly Happening

Managing our household lately has been…well, sometimes challenging. Not that I am complaining, it’s just that my daily ”to do list” is getting quite long and sometimes I have to deal with people in different time zones.


I have slowly been selling the electronics from the London mews since the plugs are not the same as in North America. Some of the stuff we will need till the actual packing dates January 8-9 and 10th but in the meantime I decided to test the market and see what people will buy. So far I have sold the bread maker (I actually met the buyer at the entrance of the V&A Museum with it. It looked suspicious…the things I will do for £40!), I have sold our BBQ (an American from Ohio who had just moved here and was happy to find a small one. £120), Peter’s bike (a student from Sudan who works as a tour guide. He came in his Hop on Hop off attire. £100), my SAD lamp (some woman who called me and really wanted it before the winter. £40), and some small fans and lamps that we were not using. This morning I advertised a TV on Gumtree and it was sold in 30 minutes. The guy picked it up at noon, (Young family came in their car with 3 month old sleeping. £150). So far so good…

This morning I spoke to a neighbor and tried to sell my plants. I can’t bring my big potted trees and big pots in front of the mews. Must sell. She asked me to think of a price…add that to my list.

I have to find short term executive rental for January 10th till the end of February. I have a local realtor helping with that. Thank goodness she’s on the prowl for me.

I have to sell the Volvo…which reminds me, they haven’t called back. Mental note, call Volvo again.


I saw several lovely homes when I was there two weeks ago but the realtor assured me they would be gone by March 1 (I think some may still be there by March 1st). Also, landlords are still hoping for America’s Cup prices even though the race ended in June…I saw some places that were asking $12,000 a month and they have already been reduced to $10,000. The ones that were asking $10,000 are down to $9,000. Do I hear $8,000? My Bermuda realtor contacts me every couple days, I will wait a little and see where this Bermuda market is heading. I may have to go back mid January to see places and make a formal offer. Ahhh the things we must do!

But the other things I have been busy with regards to Bermuda are movers and visas.

I met the people who will pack the house in January. Everything should be fine and I don’t expect any trouble but our things will take six to eight weeks to get to the Rock so they are starting the packing the morning of Jan 8 and they think it will take three days. I must get a three day parking suspension though. Mental note, go to Kensington Chelsea borough offices to request a parking suspension.

As for visas, oh well, yesterday I filled out an on-line request for a criminal report for Peter and myself. (Fun times. There’s an hour of my life and £45 each, I will never get back). Hopefully, all goes well and we get our report stating we are not criminals within 5 to 10 days. Last week I went to see local GP and had an examination and had him write me a letter stating I had no ”Communicable Diseases”. He thought it was strange that he had to determine that without blood work but oh well, he wrote me a nice letter. Apparently my ticker is in quite good shape. Dr. said I could live to a 100 if I keep up my lifestyle. WOOHOO!!! Peter has yet to go, he would have to be in the UK for more than 48 hours for me to make an appointment for him. Mental note, check Peter’s schedule and make a Dr. appointment for him. On top of the medical certificate and the criminal report, I have to provide two letter of character references from people who have known me for two years, and notarized proof of my birth certificate and passports. And I have to go to a notary who has a STAMP. Bermuda govt. will not accept a notary that has numbers. They need a STAMP. We had already done Peter’s paperwork and found out that it’s all wrong because it’s not stamp. Something HR could have mentioned before I dragged myself to the ”city” but it was one of those WTF moments. Peter needs a bunch of other stuff for his visa, I won’t bore you with details.

Anyways, I keep working on that and try to make sure we will make it to Jan 10 and March 1 in one piece with all the proper paperwork and our stuff.


At least things at the cottage are progressing nicely. I was there ten days ago and they did an amazing job on the floors. My designer has received some of the furniture we had made out of barn wood as well as the barn door for the guest room. It looks really nice. She was able to put together our room, the guest room and Mackenzy’s room. Sarah’s furniture was delivered too late in the day. It seems it’s very dark at night at Weirwood. Sarah’s bedroom will be put together today. The guest bedroom is finished but again I do not have any photos since it was dark in the basement. I was promised some pictures during the week. Today they start putting the kitchen back together and at the end of the week the spiral staircase and banisters for the mezzanine are suppose to be installed. I can’t wait to see the final product!

In the meantime, I leave you with the pictures I have.


Our bedroom.


The living room. Waiting on a rug and the couch. The tables that were re-purposed by the same company who made our beds are very nice. Just not in the picture.



Mackenzy’s bedroom. The floors look darker in the pictures that they really are. Wait till you see them in person.

Must leave you. Pick up laundry at dry cleaners and stop at UPS store. I have a question about sending a picture to Canada since BA tells me if I bring it with me next time I fly to Canada, I will have to stop at customs and declare. Hummm, I don’t want to do that with my luggage at Christmas time.





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