WTF Wednesday!

Christmas Already? It’s October 18! WTF!


I had to go to Oxford street this morning and the Christmas decorations were installed last week! Mind you, Selfridges opened his Christmas shop on the 4th floor about a month ago and when Selfridges does something, the other stores follow suit. It wasn’t long that John Lewis, Peter Jones, Debenhams, House of Fraser and M&S followed by converting and decorating part of a floor into ”The Christmas Workshop”.

I had to go to John Lewis today, the whole store is decked out but thank goodness, still no Christmas music.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. It is my FAVORITE holiday. I buy Christmas gifts throughout the year and I toss them in the back of my closet or stash them around the house and forget about them until December. The key word here is DECEMBER! December 1st is when it all starts for us. December 1st is when you can start playing Xmas music. It’s also the day or that weekend that I usually put up the Christmas tree, start writing my Christmas cards, start wrapping presents and start baking. Oh and that’s when I go searching throughout the house for those presents I bought earlier in the year.

But why is it, and I noticed this phenomenon is especially happening in London, Christmas seems to be earlier every year. If we keep up with this pace, next year Selfridges could very well set up its Christmas shop with its ”Back to School” promotion.


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