WTF Wednesday!


Today’s WTF moment has to do with tourists and specifically, Asian tourists.

Now, I don’t mean to pick at Asians per say but I must admit that having lived in one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, I have seen my fare share of tourists and some are better behaved than others…



The Brits are notorious for getting in line. You get in line for just about anything in London. Coffee, pub, museums, restaurants, bus, tube etc…you name it, there could be a line. Why is it that when I am standing in line at my local Starbucks or if I am in line at the tube, some Asian person deems it appropriate to jump the queue and get ahead of everyone. Meanwhile, all of us Non-Asian folks just look at each other and shake our heads.

Two weeks ago I was at the post office. I was next in line when this Asian lady just came in and went to counter #3 as I was approaching. I just looked at her and said, ”Excuse me?” she turned around and said, ”I was here 15 minutes ago, I had to go get money at ATM”. And turned to talk to the post office agent who informed her she would have to get back in the queue that went all the way outside the post office. She said to the agent, ”Don’t you remember me? I have to send money to China?”. Thank goodness the post office agent politely replied, ”Yes, I do remember you but you must go back in the queue.” In my head, WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

Taking Photos

When I go visit an exhibit or see a show in the West End, and there are signs everywhere,

no photo

The only people who take photos are Asians? When they are told not to take photos they simply smile and nod yes, (faking the no speaking English. Yes, some of them don’t speak English but some of them do and anyone can look at a sign and see that the museum doesn’t want photos to be taken) but in the next room of the exhibit there they are, taking more photos. WTF!

Personal Space

Last Monday I was coming home with the car and there was an accident on Exhibition Rd. Someone was on the ground getting medical help. It looked quite bad. There were two ambulances and three police cars blocking the way. A police officer told me it would take a while and I should park on the side. I was one street corner from the house and didn’t feel like parking and going home so I waited in the car. I heard a police officer shouting ”Stand back! Please give us some room. Go AWAY!” There were about 10 Asian tourists who thought it was appropriate to go take a look and some were even taking photos. WTF!

I am not saying ALL Asian tourists are bad, but sometimes I feel they could learn a thing or two before stepping off the bus. I blame the guides. Sometimes I feel like telling the guide who is walking ahead with the flower or the umbrella, ”You should give them instructions about queuing, taking photos and personal space”, but who am I kidding, they will just nod, smile, say yes and repeat. And I will just mumble. WTF!

Enjoy your Wednesday!