Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from London!

This Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. Although it’s not as celebrated as the American Thanksgiving, it has always been an important holiday in our household. Even when I was a kid, my mom would always like to celebrate “L’Action de Grâce”.

Yesterday afternoon when I picked up our very expensive 7 kg free range turkey from the butcher, he asked me, ”What is the difference between the Canadian and American Thanksgiving?” I said, ”In short, we are from the  Great North so our harvest is 6 weeks ahead and ours doesn’t involve any pilgrims.” I then paid my £103 (yes, you read correctly, this ain’t no butterball with a yellow button that will stick out when ready!) and walked home to brine the crap out of it.


The expensive bird!


Bird in Brine Bucket. 


I will cover with ice and talk to this bird for the next 36 hours, until I put it in the oven at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning.  

While I was putting the brine together, I started to wonder, ”what are the major differences between the two Thanksgiving?” I mean beside the timing? So I read a couple articles on-line about it. Here are a few differences:

  1. Both holidays celebrate a bountiful harvest but in Canada you Thank God for a good harvest and in the USA you are thankful for God’s bounty and the generosity of the Native Americans.
  2. Canada always 2nd Monday in October. Not a National holiday. Optional in Atlantic Canada. Did not know that! USA, always 4th Thursday in November and a National Holiday.
  3. In America, the most important travel holiday. In Canada, not as significant. Yes, we celebrate it but if we are not geographically close to family, we don’t usually go out of our way…(well, unless you are the Coopers and you put your kids on a plane from Montreal to London for a long weekend. They are young, they can handle the jet-lag.)
  4. In America, the most important shopping weekend. In Canada, our most important shopping day is still December 26th, Boxing day. In fact, according to what I read most stores in Canada are closed on Thanksgiving Monday.

There you have it. Some differences in a nutshell.

Must leave you now and go buy more ice for the bird.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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