What is Going on at Weirwood

Weirwood is the name of our new Chalet in the Eastern Townships. Yes, just like the tree in Game of Thrones, that’s how we roll in the Cooper household, we name things and we have mottoes. Aside from, ”Adapt and Survive” and ”Suck it up Buttercup” now we have ”The North Remembers!”.


But I digress, you remember I had met a designer and she was taking on the renovations. We wanted 5 things to be done: 1. Get rid of Spa in basement. 2. Sand and stain floors throughout. 3. Install banister in mezzanine and maybe a spiral staircase to go to mezzanine. 4. Resurface the entire kitchen. 5. Finally, decorate by adding some curtains and getting some furniture.

The week after labour day weekend Marie, our designer, was at Weirwood getting all kinds of quotes for the various projects. We thought prices were reasonable and we gave the go ahead. We like that she is local, she hires local and she knows a lot of contractors who can do various jobs. Well, we are finding that the hard way…

Don’t Poke the Bear

Second week was first and foremost, get rid of the spa. The spa was old, it was not working properly and it was so big that when removing it, it would not fit through the doorway and the patio doors. She had to get an electrician to come and disconnect all the wiring properly and then her contractor came in and chop it up. Once that was done I received a phone call. ”Elise, the entire floor in that room will have to be ripped up, there is some moisture on the floor and we think it has spread.” My respond, ”How much more?” Marie’s reply, ”It shouldn’t be more than $200 of wood plus install time from the guys.” I told her to go ahead and get it done, it has to get done properly.


The Spa is gone!

For the remaining of the week they worked on emptying Weirwood and getting ready for the floor guys to come in. They were putting everything in garage and Marie was sending me pictures. I was getting excited and could imagine what the place was going to look like when all done.

Log home5

Kitchen Before


Kitchen at moment. It will be a nice French country blue/grey with a lovely grey cement counter top and sink that Peter selected. The cement counter is made in Bromont by L’Atelier Bétonart. Can’t wait to see it!

Log home4

The living/dining room with the mezzanine.


Getting ready for the Spiral Staircase. At least we’ll be able to go up there with a cup of coffee or a drink! Again, she got a local welder in Sherbrooke to design us a staircase. 

Everything was moved into the garage (minus the pool table, that was gone when we moved in), even the bar.

Log home6

Of course, when you move stuff you find things. Things like dead mice and holes…In comes the exterminator. Marie knew a guy (of course she did!). He came and when he showed up he told her he had been there a year and a half ago. Good thing is, he knew where all the ”entry” holes were, bad thing is, nothing had been done about it. The only thing the previous owner did was have the exterminator set the traps. Kind of counter productive but whatever. I think the place was probably for sale by then and they just wanted to do the minimum. Last Thursday I get a call from Marie, ”You definitely have mice, possibly some squirrels or chipmunks and the poop that we found by the front door is bats but he doesn’t think the bats got it, they just like to hang out under your main beam. Welcome to the country Elise!”

Yeah for me! Anyways, I told her to hire the exterminator and get all the holes plugged up. This was taken care of Tuesday this week. And yesterday the ”contamination team” found a hole 3 feet long from the outside into the house where the spa was but again, I am getting ahead of myself…

Monday afternoon London time I get another call from Marie. ”Elise, are you near your computer? I am sending you photos.” I sit down at my computer and see the photos while she explains, ”Now that we have ripped the floor where the spa was, we found out the entire room is contaminated with mold, even the two walls where the spa was. ” I then spoke to contractor, got the various options and prices, told them I had to call Peter. After my mini ”Mold” call to Peter we decided we did not have a choice and to deal with it. In comes the ”Contamination Team” to rip the two walls and install fans to dry and then apply some products to get rid of mold. This will set us back a week and cost oh I don’t know how much but I don’t care. This will be the guest room. I don’t want to have my guests come and get sick with breathing and sleeping with mold. Had to be done and might as well do it while were in the thick of it. One thing is for sure, my budget is busted but oh well, ”Adapt and Survive!”

At least things are getting done and Marie assures me we are still on track for everything to be done by mid November.


Floor under the spa!

One thing is for sure, I would NEVER have put a spa INSIDE a basement like that. At least the sauna still works and is in excellent condition. Can’t wait to use it next February after a day on the slopes. I will go into my sauna and say ”The North Remembers!”





2 thoughts on “What is Going on at Weirwood”

  1. Nahhhh. Not a fan of cats and I would rather kill them with a slow painful death. The exterminator was explaining that he has these ‘’sachets’’ they look like tea bags…full of goodies and poison. They eat it and leave the reservation……mouahahhhhhh

    Sérieux, on a ben hâte de retourner en décembre pour voir la place.


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