WTF Wednesday!


Crazy cyclists of London commuting in the morning.

This week’s WTF Wednesday is aimed at the cyclists in London. Specifically the ones who cycle through Hyde Park in the mornings and evenings. Yes, you know who you are. The ones who even though the city of London has made you a lovely highway to cross the park, you still refuse to use it because geez, you may have to cycle 200 meters out of your way to get to the cycle highway. Instead, you use the pedestrian paths where walkers and joggers live in harmony.

Now, in all fairness to cyclists, not all cyclists are bad. A lot of you use the bicycle path and all of us runners, walkers and riders (every morning from 6 to 8:30 am you see a lot of people exercising their horses).  I figure there are 20% of you still resisting the change. OR you are simply illiterate and can’t read the signs;


But I suspect it’s mostly arrogance on your part.



This is the North side path where I see the most cycling. Simply because they don’t want to cycle down to the middle cycle path. ARGH!!!!!


Where you can Cycle:  On the South Side of the park, you can enter the park at Palace Gate, Princes Gate or Hyde Park Corner. From there you can cycle North – South or East-West. On the North side of the Park, you can enter at Kensington palace gate but you must cycle down to in Front of Palace to get to middle cycle lane that will take you East-West and if you choose to go North again on Princes Gate so be it, BUT YOU CANNOT USE THE PEDESTRIAN PATH AT THE NORTH SIDE OF THE PARK TO CYCLE TO PRINCES GATE!!!!! This is where I see the most infractions! I thought cyclists were not lazy!

Little Anecdote:

Last week, I had just started my run and I was running on the path towards the cavalry house. It was around 8 am, I was minding my own business, trying to find my pace when a cyclist just ZOOMED by me. This was about 100 meters before the Cavalry crossing where every morning, cavalrymen and their horses cross the designated running/pedestrian path to and from the training area back to the stables. Well, after this fine cyclist zoomed by me, he then proceeded to zoom by a horse and his trainer who were crossing the path. The horse got spooked and kicked his back legs. Good thing the trainer was off the horse and walking beside him, he was able to calm down the horse. Cyclist just went on, ignoring the rider who was yelling at him. When I ran by he asked me, ”Did you see that? No respect from these guys!” and I simply said ”Yes, I know. Are you okay?” he replied he was and I continued on. The next morning when I went for my run there was a huge sign that read, ”HORSE CROSSING”.

I know, life is too short to worry about the little things but this is one where every time I go running in the park, I simply say to myself, WTF, (several times during my run!), and just because of the cyclists. I actually started yelling at them, ”NO CYCLING”. They ignore me, play the fool, ”Oh sorry, I didn’t know.” Right!!!!! The only time I am not allowed to yell at them is when Peter is with me on the weekends. Peter wants to relax on the weekends when walking in the park, he doesn’t want to know that he has a crazy wife who yells at cyclists. So when we are together and we see cyclists on pedestrian paths all I can mutter under my breath is WTF!