WTF Wednedsay!

Some people have ”Throwback Thursday” or ”Flashback Friday”, I have even seen runners do ”Medal Monday”, to show their medals from the races they ran on Sundays. Well, I decided to start my own ”WTF” Wednesday. This way, I can write about the many ”WTF” moments I have been having while living in London.

A Little History:

Personally, I have been thinking/saying ”WTF” since I coached swimming in Bermuda. So many times I would see kids or their parents do weird things, things that would make me say to myself ”What the Fuck!”. Now, I agree, these actions may be weird to me and normal to others. You know like when your child is swimming for two hours while mom is doing the kid’s homework on the side of the pool. I say, ”WTF” but to others, this is totally acceptable. My good friend Lorrie who was President of the club would deal with parents who had ”special requests” for their kids and she would call me and we would talk and just ask ourselves, ”WTF”? It became code for the two of us. So much so that she even had some swimming caps made for the two of us.



Well, I just had a WTF moment in the tube and this is one that happens often. This ”WTF” moment is aimed at the parents who decide to take their children to the museums around our Mews in South Kensington. I have nothing against people taking their kids to museums but what I do mind are the parents who decide that it’s perfectly okay to teach their toddlers how to go up an down the stairs in the busy tube. Picture this. You are coming out of the district line train at the South Ken station and have about 10 or 12 steps to go up before you get to the stalls and eventually go out of the station. Well, this is where many parents think that it would be a lovely idea if little Harry or Harriet would learn to go up the stairs with hundreds of people behind them. They actually find this cute and amusing and get upset when some of the other commuters simply say, ”Could we move out of the way please!!!!”. This is where in my head I simply, ”WTF” and shake my head. It aggravates the crap out of me that certain people are so myopic that they don’t realize what is taking place around them. Also, usually mom is holding the toddler’s hand while dad is carrying the stroller the size of a small mini Cooper. No one can get around and they wonder why people get upset. I want to scream ”Lady just pick your child up, either carry him/her or put him/her in the stroller and help your husband carry the stroller up the stairs!” But instead, in this instance, I simply mumble under my breath ”WTF”.