WTF Wednedsay!

Some people have ”Throwback Thursday” or ”Flashback Friday”, I have even seen runners do ”Medal Monday”, to show their medals from the races they ran on Sundays. Well, I decided to start my own ”WTF” Wednesday. This way, I can write about the many ”WTF” moments I have been having while living in London.

A Little History:

Personally, I have been thinking/saying ”WTF” since I coached swimming in Bermuda. So many times I would see kids or their parents do weird things, things that would make me say to myself ”What the Fuck!”. Now, I agree, these actions may be weird to me and normal to others. You know like when your child is swimming for two hours while mom is doing the kid’s homework on the side of the pool. I say, ”WTF” but to others, this is totally acceptable. My good friend Lorrie who was President of the club would deal with parents who had ”special requests” for their kids and she would call me and we would talk and just ask ourselves, ”WTF”? It became code for the two of us. So much so that she even had some swimming caps made for the two of us.



Well, I just had a WTF moment in the tube and this is one that happens often. This ”WTF” moment is aimed at the parents who decide to take their children to the museums around our Mews in South Kensington. I have nothing against people taking their kids to museums but what I do mind are the parents who decide that it’s perfectly okay to teach their toddlers how to go up an down the stairs in the busy tube. Picture this. You are coming out of the district line train at the South Ken station and have about 10 or 12 steps to go up before you get to the stalls and eventually go out of the station. Well, this is where many parents think that it would be a lovely idea if little Harry or Harriet would learn to go up the stairs with hundreds of people behind them. They actually find this cute and amusing and get upset when some of the other commuters simply say, ”Could we move out of the way please!!!!”. This is where in my head I simply, ”WTF” and shake my head. It aggravates the crap out of me that certain people are so myopic that they don’t realize what is taking place around them. Also, usually mom is holding the toddler’s hand while dad is carrying the stroller the size of a small mini Cooper. No one can get around and they wonder why people get upset. I want to scream ”Lady just pick your child up, either carry him/her or put him/her in the stroller and help your husband carry the stroller up the stairs!” But instead, in this instance, I simply mumble under my breath ”WTF”.


Back in the UK!

We’ve been back from the UK for almost a week now and finally, the jet-lag is wearing off.


My last trip to Montreal was a 19 days whirlwind but we got lots done.

When I arrived on Sunday, Sarah still showed signs of a busted nose from her last rugby match. Since this was her third ”broken” nose in 4 years, we wanted to make sure everything was okay. First thing Monday morning we were at the downtown medical clinic to see if it was permanent and if we should do something about it or if the swelling was eventually going to go down. After some x-rays we were told that the swelling should eventually go down and Miss Sarah’s nose should return to normal…but if she has a fourth one, she may eventually require a nose job. Great!

We were done with the clinic and X-rays by 10 am. We got in the car and drove South East to the Eastern Townships to pick up Thing 2 and my nephew, Patrick, who had been working in a camp for the past 10 weeks.

They were anxiously waiting for us when we arrived at Wilvaken. Their crap was piled high in front of the cafeteria building and Thing 1 and I just wondered where we were going to put everything. After about 20 minutes of packing and saying goodbyes to the last of the staff that was still there, we finally left. Destination, downtown Montreal. The car was riding low and we had to stroke ”Betsy” when going up the hills but we eventually made back into town. Once in town, our first stop was the kids’ condo. We dropped off all of Mac’s crap and I even started to do some laundry. I had some admin stuff to do for him and after I got all the info and signatures from Mackenzy, we were able to go chill at our condo on Peel street.

The boys showered and got ready for one last party in town with all the camp counselors while Sarah and I just chilled.

Then the Dance with the Seller Started!

Tuesday afternoon Sarah and I were emptying our CARTS at Ikea when I received a call from the notary. The seller of the cottage (A French woman from France) had apparently arrived in town and realized that August 30th was to be the following week and she was being rushed. She wanted to know if she could change the possession date on the Chalet? For Those of you who know me, you know I am a Type A person and that I had organized this move pretty close to a military operation. My plan was, take possession at 9 am August 30th, get the keys and head over to the chalet to wait for the delivery of the beds that was taking place between 1 and 5 pm. August 31st, I had the designer coming in for a consultation, (we have renovations to do on the place), I was going to have to pick up the assembled BBQ in Sherbrooke and the cleaning lady was coming to clean because I knew the place needed it. Late afternoon, drive to Montreal and pick up Peter at airport. On Sept. 1st I was getting the hot water tank replaced at 9 am (it was after all 4 years overdue according to inspection), the alarm system reconnected, I had to go get my Eco Centre card at the Austin city hall and the ”dock” guy was coming to see us and give us a quote for a new dock. In short, I was going to be a busy person, I had it all planned and NO I WAS NO CHANGING THE POSSESSION DATE!

The notary informed me that it was well within my right to keep the 30th since she had signed the contract.

A few days later, (I was spending more money at Costco. I really made the Canadian economy roll!) I received another call but this time from my agent. It seems the seller wanted my contact info to renegotiate the closing date. He advised against it. He said if I spoke to her she may get nasty with me. He also informed me that the reason why she wanted to change the possession date was because she had rented the chalet to friends who were building a cottage in the area and their rent was due Sept. 30th. He informed me that he told her agent that was not to be my problem and that she had to respect the closing date. I replied I did not want to speak to her and I would see him at the notary office on the 30th.

I am not kidding, two days later I received yet another email from her own agent. This email explained that the renters had been very gracious and had worked very hard to empty the chalet by the 30th and would it be okay for them to keep some stuff in our garage for a month. My response, NO!’ NO!’ NO!, absolutely NOT. I do not want the responsibility of other people’s crap and I knew they had LOTS of crap since last time we visited the chalet in July, the garage was PACKED! The inspector could barely do the inspection of certain things in the garage, electric panel, water drain etc….because their stuff was in the way. It needed to be gone by the 30th.

Friday morning Thing 1 got lasik surgery on both eyes. The day was quiet and we just chilled at the house. She could not watch TV or read on any screen of any kind. It wasn’t so bad, they gave her a xanax to relax before the procedure and when we got home she was just tired. She slept from noon till 7 pm. I woke her up for dinner and drops. She was back in bed at 9 pm and woke up the next day around 8 am.

Saturday afternoon was spent on the boat in Lery. Sarah was in the house sleeping yet again!

Sunday after picking up a rental van at the airport, Mackenzy and I drove to Ottawa to see my niece, Grace, play the lead of Simba in ”The Lion King”. She was excellent. The entire production was actually very well done. Sarah had pretty much spent the whole day resting her eyes on the couch. We got home just in time to eat some pizza, drink some red wine and get ready for the Game of Thrones Finale. Man it was a good season!

The reason why I rented the van was because over the years, (pretty much since 2006), we have been collecting furniture, paintings and knick knacks to decorate our chalet. With the van, I was able to get a lot of pieces of furniture out of the kids’ condo and both of our lockers and bring them to Nanny’s cottage, which is a 15 minute drive from our chalet, so that on Wednesday, when I got the keys to the chalet, I would be able to just grab my stuff from Nanny’s cottage and move into ours. Easy Peasy right?

Monday morning while Sarah and I were driving back and forth between Montreal and Nanny’s cottage, I received another call from the notary. ARGHHHHH! He informed me that the seller who had been saying all along that she was in Canada, was actually still in France. She was flying out Tuesday afternoon and wanted to go see the chalet before she signed on Wednesday. Could we possibly push the signing from 9 am to 2 pm. I explained to him that I had ordered beds to be delivered between 1 and 5 and that someone would have to be there. He reported that this woman had been lying to him all along and that he couldn’t wait to meet her. He had a lot of items to go over with her with regards to non-resident taxes and that if the kids who were signing on behalf or Peter could sign at 11, then they could go wait for the beds while I signed in the afternoon. He reassured me that he would make her sign and give me the keys right away and that way I could go while she stayed there getting a tutorial on Canadian Taxes. Even though she had told him on the phone that I have been the most ”Inflexible” person and that in France a closing date is not a ”Date de rigueur” meaning, most of the time, it’s not observed it’s just a suggestion, I SURRENDERED. I was not looking forward to this meeting at all.

Kids and I continued our ”moving” operation and when Wednesday came around, our two car caravan drove to Sherbrooke. Kids signed on behalf of Peter and left. At 2 pm I walked into the notary office. Everyone but her agent, was already seated in the conference room. She hardly looked at me. Didn’t crack a smile. Reluctantly gave me the keys, garage opener and alarm system code. She was not a happy person. The notary asked her if the place had been cleaned and she grunted a little laugh. At this point I didn’t care. I just wanted the keys and I wanted to leave and meet up with the kids who had been waiting outside the chalet.

At 3 pm I was entering the chalet and from that moment on everything sort of went according to plan. The people that had been booked for the various aspects all showed up on time.

The renters had left a lot of junk. Enough for Mackenzy and I to go to the Eco Centre in Magog, twice with a van full. They had NOT cleaned up the place. Doesn’t matter, now it’s ours. On Friday morning Peter made a fire and all was good. He went rowing with Sarah, I went swimming with the dog, we went to the Brome fair, we spent time with family, all was good.

We have plans and things are in motion with the designer. We are getting the floors done, the kitchen done, a banister installed, maybe a spiral staircase etc….Now we can’t wait to go back in December and see it all.