Happy Birthday Mackenzy!

New Hampshire 261

”Mama, stop talking and pay attention to the fish.”

I think it was 10 years ago when we sent Mackenzy to his first two weeks of camp in the Eastern Townships. We were living in Bermuda at the time and a lot of people we knew sent their kids away to camp. At the time, I use to leave the island in the summer for two to four weeks to go back home and spend some time with family. I can’t remember what made me send him to camp but I did.

First it was two weeks. When I picked him up after his first summer, as soon as he got in the car he asked, ”next year can I go for a month?” Then it was 6 weeks and then the whole summer.

Since his birthday is June 27th, we haven’t been with Mackenzy on his birthday for the last 5 years (I think)…and every June 27th I feel VERY guilty that I am not there to celebrate his birthday and make him cake. Buddy, I mean, ”Mama could buy you a car guilty!” Okay maybe just a second hand car but still lots of guilt here.

That’s if Mackenzy cared about a car or such things. You see, for those who really don’t know Mackenzy, he couldn’t care less about such things. Mackenzy is happiest with a book or with his laptop playing some game or watching anime. Mackenzy is happiest with the friends that he has made at Wilvaken over the years. He doesn’t care about clothes, some days it’s hard to have him wear more than boxers, ask Sarah, she’s been living with him for the last couple months.

No, my boy is a simple man with simple needs. Wake up, Eat, Play, Repeat.

Buddy, I hope you are having a GREAT summer at the lake and just know that your Mama (am I sure Daddy too but he works and has to think about work too), will be thinking of you all day. I know you don’t like it when I post pictures of you on-line but hell, I’m your Mama, I brought you into this world, I can do whatever the FUCK I want on June 27th! So here goes…


New Hampshire 050

He has always loved it at the beach.

New Hampshire 108

He sort of played defense…always singing and laughing. 

New Hampshire 167

Tennis at the Pitch!

New Hampshire 168

Too much birthday cake at 7.

New Hampshire 219

9th Birthday in Bermuda.

New Hampshire 457

Always exploring around the house.

New Hampshire 461

His first piano playing. He used to LOVE hammering at it.

New Hampshire 142

At Tobacco Bay in Bermuda, ”Daddy did you see the BIG fish”.

New Hampshire 215

First Communion.

New Hampshire 230

Yes, this is what we liked to do during a snowstorm in NH. Sit by the fire, outside.

New Hampshire 231


Last month he let me take a picture with him. What a treat! 

Mackenzy, Je t’aime. Bonne Fête et passe une super belle journée!




One thought on “Happy Birthday Mackenzy!”

  1. If you ever want to see him at his happiest, bring him bushwaking in the Yukon. He was like a kid in a candy store. Bonne fête


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