Having Childhood Flashbacks

We are going through a heat wave in London. We really haven’t had any rain in the last two weeks and the forecast for this week is sunny and highs of 29 to 31 degrees Celsius.

The problem with all of this is unlike North America, most households in London do NOT have AC or central air. Heck, most stores don’t either. The only way to get cool is to go to a brand new mall, a grocery store or the hospital. I hate the mall, there is only so much grocery shopping a woman can do and I’m not desperate enough to injure myself in order to get some AC…well, not yet.

Living in an old mews reminds me of when we lived in Châteauguay in the late 70s, before my dad had central air installed. The whole house is muggy, there’s no air circulation and even with all the fans I have in almost every single room, we are not getting cooled down. And like my mom back then, I wait till the sun goes down to run the dishwasher and dryer.



Our loud but effective AC.

Thank goodness four years ago we had the sound mind of buying a portable AC for our bedroom. It is loud and yes it keeps our room cool but as soon as you stop it, within about 15 minutes, the heat is back. We are sleeping okay, probably better than our neighbors across the mews, Paul and Vanessa. Their bedroom is on the third floor and they don’t have AC! Yes, it is so hot at the moment that when you meet your neighbor while watering your plants at 9:30 pm the one thing you discuss is how unusually warm it is and whether or not you are going to have a good night’s sleep. The poor people, their bedroom is on the third floor. On our third floor is Thing 1 and Thing 2’s empty bedrooms and my office where I practice the occasional yoga. At this moment, I practice Hot Flow yoga. I’m not kidding it’s so warm and muggy up there, I sweat like a pig on a roast just sitting at my desk.

Peter is so lucky, he left for Dublin this morning. First, he is sitting in AC at the airport and then the forecast in Dublin is cloudy with a high of 78 Fahrenheit. Anyways, I must leave you. Going to do some yoga before it gets too warm and then I will probably retreat to my bedroom for a big chunk of the day.


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