Road Trip!

Our car in the second row.
People in the theatre watching Moana.
This was this morning in Wales.

This morning I left the confines of our comfortable abode in Central London, just before 5 am. The mission was get to the ferry in Holyhead, Wales on time.

I made it on time but I think it’s a good time I left so early. Man there are lots of people on the roads in England. You would think nobody would be on the road at 5 am, well you would be wrong.

No matter, I had my Spotify account with my 1000 + songs playing on shuffle. Some songs took me back to the days when my dad woul pile the family in the car for the overnight drive to Wildwood, NJ where we would go camping every July. This is before seat belts enforcement. My sister would sit in the front middle seat. She was the DJ, making sure my dad had the correct music on. Meanwhile, my brother and I would sleep in the back seat. My dad had cut out a piece of plywood that he would put on the floor over the backseat middle part, I would lie there on a sleeping bag and my brother would sleep on the back seat. I guess my sister did not get any zzz…now that I am remembering all this, what the hell did she do? Did she not sleep? Oh well, doesn’t matter I guess, as long as she played her Billy Joel, Elton John, Styx and whatever tapes she brought along, we did not care. This morning, Neil Diamond came on and I was surprised at how I knew all the lyrics….that’s my dad’s influence. ”Far. We’ve been traveling far, without a home, But not without a star. Free…”. It took me back.

Living in London I don’t usually like to drive because I don’t like the million + people on the road but this morning it did not bother me so much. I hit a little traffic in Birmingham but that’s it. For the most part I made good time and boarded the John Swift ferry in good time.

Without knowing it I had booked the ”Club Class”. That means you get on board first and you get to go sit on the dock deck and eat a complimentary meal and enjoy free drinks. There was even wine and beer up there but I still had some driving to do and I was a little tired. After some much needed water replenishing and a small snack I took a nice nap. I woke up just in time to see land ahead and go on the outside deck to take some photos.

Getting off the ferry was easy. Again, Club Class gets off first, and I did not have to show my passport to anyone…I’m in Ireland illegally??? Who knows, if I get caught somewhere I will plead ignorance. Not my fault no one stopped me and asked for ID.

The drive to the Dublin airport was maybe 15 minutes…now I am sitting at T2 waiting for Peter to arrive. His flight has been delayed by 25 minutes!


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