A Quick Turn Around

We arrived back safe and sound in London this morning.

We had a great trip in Montreal to celebrate Thing 1’s graduation from McGill. Most of you saw the pictures. Aside from the pouring rain outside, it was a memorable day for us.

Monty and Sarah

Sarah thanking Monty for all his support during the last three years.

Maison Boulud

Toasting Thing 1 at La Maison Boulud.

But it’s a quick turnaround for us. At the moment, Peter is at the office and I am doing laundry and re-packing clothes for our next trip. Our next trip is tomorrow. I will leave the house at 5 am and drive to Holyhead Port in Wales. From there I will board the ”John Swift” ferry that will take me to the Dublin port. While I am driving for 5 to 6 hours and then on the ferry for 1 hour 39 minutes, Daddy will go to work (Someone has to pay for all these trips!) and then fly to Dublin. I will pick him up at the airport and we will make our way to Cabra Castle Hotel.


The Coopers are attending a wedding in an Irish Castle this weekend. Aside from the wedding, this weekend trip will of course include a round of golf and some hiking. I am looking forward to it!

I will be sure to post something about the weekend.

Till then, laundry is calling!

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