On to Liverpool House


Pappy getting his sticky toffee pudding.

Last night the four Coopers of London sacrificed their stomachs once again to go celebrate Pappy’s 75th birthday. Don’t worry, all four of us had worked out at the Club Sportif MAA in the morning, we were ready to eat once again.

Thanks to my sister in-law Karen who had organized this little soirée at Liverpool House in little Burgundy, the menu was set and all we had to do was pick some good wine to pair the meal and presto, the food started to arrive.

We started with a veal tartar accompanied by a nice salad and some mozzarella made in Québec. (I don’t have pictures of those apps because, well, we ate them too fast!) Then we were presented with a nice plate of fresh seafood comprised of oysters (Laura had all mine), crab legs and stuffed sea urchins. Again, no pictures, I was too busy eating and drinking…

The main course came and it was absolutely delicious. Spaghetti lobster (I have had this dish many times at Liverpool House’s sister restaurant, Joe Beef), a nice piece of porterhouse, homemade gnocchi with chanterelles mushrooms and to top it all off, arctic char stuffed with welts. All of it was AMAZING!!!!!!


Nanny showing us her skills at ”How to properly get the meat off the bone!”


Spaghetti Lobster. One of my favorites.


The Arctic Char. The sauce was soooooo good. The fish melted in our mouths.


Nice cut of porterhouse. Cooked to perfection.


Whatever was left of the gnocchi and chanterelles…don’t worry, we ate it all.


La Famiglia!


Patrick demonstrating his ”Hockey Flow”.


Happy Pappy!

For dessert, (again no pictures, went too fast and I was too busy stuffing my face.), we had some sort of pistachio cannoli, a Rhubarb tart and sticky toffee pudding.

We had never been to Liverpool House but I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. I like the ambiance at Joe Beef and the one at Liverpool House is pretty much the same. Great food, great vibe and we had a lovely evening catching up with the Coopers from Ottawa and Vermont.