A Visit to William Turner Country


Yesterday morning I met three other ladies from my CWC (Canadian Women’s Club) group at St. Pancras train station and on this lovely sunny day, we took the train to the seaside town of Margate.


Margate is where painter William Turner went for inspiration. It’s a beautiful and quaint seaside town.

Margate is also where you will find the Turner Contemporary Gallery and at the moment, it is featuring an exhibit titled ”Entangled” about arts & crafts entirely made by women. Small exhibit but worth the train ride to the seacoast. I really enjoyed it. Especially the many handmade tapestries with different mediums. Most of the creations were made from recycled materials.



Various fibers to work with.


The canvas on this panting has stitched lettering. Amazing.




This picture doesn’t do this tapestry justice. It looks vibrant and lush in person.


On our return trip, the train went to Folkstone before turning back to go to London. It was a little longer but along the way we saw scenes such as these. These are NOT my own pictures. I borrowed these from the web to show you how beautiful Kent is.


Fields of yellow flowers in valleys.


Lush green and yellow hills and valleys.

Simply beautiful English countryside. Too bad it’s 90 minutes by train outside of London… but worth the trip.

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