I receive cards from local realtors like these almost daily.

I usually just throw them in the trash but I thought I would share this one.

One of our neighbors down the Mews has been renovating his mews. In fact, what he did was buy two mews and combine them into one. It’s a big trend at the moment. Since most mews’s are small, on average 1500 square feet, people buy two mews side by side, dig basements and combine them to make one BIG mews.

Many workers renovated this mews down from ours for a better part of a year. Well, I guess they just rented it to the tune of £5500 a week. Yes, you read correctly £5500 PER WEEK! Welcome to London prices! Mind you, according to the brochure, it’s 3069 square feet, it has a double garage and 5 bedrooms. For central London….that’s still expensive in my books but I guess some are willing to pay that price. We are very close to the best tube lines and the M4 etc…Location, location, location.


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