Les Malheurs de Monty (et de Sarah!)

As many of you know, we have a 12 year old weimaraner named Monty, and like many old dogs he is starting to have issues…

He lives with Sarah and last year he was bit twice. Once on the mountain and once at the dog park. Ever since then, he has been very weary of other dogs. In short, he will growl at any dog that comes near him, especially puppies.

When I was in Montreal in December, Monty got this bump on the side of his jaw. I went to the vet and had it checked out. Vet didn’t really know what was going on. Could be an infected tooth, a soar of some kind etc…he gave him antibiotics and after a few days, Monty was better. While I was at the Vet’s office, the receptionist who LOVES Monty said, ”We could write a book about Monty entitled ”Les Malheurs de Monty”, translation: ”The Woes of Monty”.

I woke up Wednesday morning to pictures from Sarah of Monty vomit. She had been up all night with a sick dog. She was worried and a little stressed out. She reminded me of a young mother who just spent the night up with her sick child.

Thankfully, Mackenzy lives nearby so he was able to go and help her. So the two kids managed to take care of this sick dog between classes. Sarah took him to the vet and he gave Monty some laxatives and told Sarah that the x-ray showed his stomach is all plugged up. Monty likes to eat snow in the winter and he could have eaten a bottle cap or a piece of anything plastic and this could be lodged somewhere. If he doesn’t poop in the morning, he may need an operation.

Sarah went home, slept better that night and yesterday morning, she took him for a long walk so he could poop. He wasn’t pooping so she decided, maybe at the dog park he will run and finally poop…

She took him to the dog park and there were lots of dogs. She decided to take a chance. Of course, as soon as Monty entered the park, the other dogs came to say hi to Monty by sniffing him. Monty does NOT like to be sniffed, he growled and the other dogs backed off. Well, all but one who apparently jumped on Monty. After Sarah took Monty away from the dog, Monty finally pooped BUT, now he was limping. She called me yesterday and said, ”now he’s limping. I have to go to school but Mackenzy is coming to check up on him.”

Mackenzy came to check on Monty and observed that the limping was really bad.

I woke up this morning to this on my Messenger board.

”So remember the dog park thing I told you about”
”So this afternoon I went to vet to get his digestive food and another painkiller injection for stomach”
”His stomach has been fine no problem”
”He’s just been walking funny and crying all afternoon though”
”So at night Mackenzy comes over because he was going to take care of Monty while I go to my kappa meeting because he was really really anxious”
”But he notices that his hips look really funny so I should go to get
”I go back to the vet and yeah he sprained or bruised his left hip”
“So they had to make sure his stomach was ok to give him an anti inflammatory shot
Because apparently it’s not good for his stomach and that will stop the crying”
“And I’m like fuck just give him the shot!”
“They give him the shot then they do laser therapy”
“And they gave me more drugs for tomorrow night and anti inflammatory”
“And I should go Saturday or Monday for more laser”
“I’m never going to the fucking dog park again”
“No wonder this city is putting rules on dogs”
“Some owners don’t know how to take care of their fucking dogs properly”
“I feel so bad!”
“I’m so sorry maman for everything”
“I feel like the worst owner”
“I’ve also decided to go to winners or IKEA to get a closed trash can for bathroom (I’ll pay for it don’t worry)”
“And I feel so bad for Mackenzy”
“I promised him I would drive him to west island to bring him to his party.”
“So the picture you see has dog biscuits for his arthritis or old bones”
“Cans of food for his stomach”
“Laxatives for his stomach”
“Pills for his hips”
“And wine for MOMMA”
“I feel so bad for this dog”


So this is what is going through my head this morning as I am reading this.

On the one hand, I feel terrible that kids have to deal with this crap. (Especially Sarah who is in her last undergrad semester at McGill. She’s trying to get into Med/Grad school and she is running on fumes.) I hope you enjoyed that glass of wine kiddo!

On the other hand, I think this is a great lesson for them. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are learning to rely on each other, and they are caring for a living being, (okay, the dog is old and ”broken” but they are still caring for him), and I am sure, they are doing a great job regardless of what they think. Love my kids!

Last thought, how much is this costing me? Laser therapy? For the dog or for Sarah? Hahaha! I guess I should go check the Visa on-line…

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