I hate buying tickets so much in advance but we really wanted to see this play and I knew if I waited till tickets were available for the general public to come on sale, they would be sold out. A while back I registered online to be on the pre-sale list. A couple weeks ago I received my “pre-sale “special code and instructions to log on today at noon for the sale of the pre-sale tickets.

Personally, I find this total madness that we do these things in order to get theater tickets. I know Hamilton is good and it has the most Tony awards, blah, blah, blah, but seriously?

Peter and Sarah tried to get tickets while they were in NYC last summer and they were upwards of $1000 U.S. a ticket. That is even more crazy. They REALLY wanted to go see it, (especially Sarah), so I got on a list for when the show would come to London.

Tickets went on sale today at noon London time. I logged on just before noon and just that took be a good 5 minutes.

First, I was put into a ”Virtual Queue” just to get access to be able to buy tickets with my “special code”.


The song “Virtual Reality” by Jamiroquai came to mind while I was waiting…

Then I put in my first date. You see, I have to put dates when the kids, especially, Sarah will be able to come to London. This morning Peter and I had a discussion. When would she be in her exam period? or should we buy them after? When will that be? Will she have a reading week in the fall next year? Not if she goes to McGill? We don’t know where Sarah will be next year??? (See kiddo, it’s not all about Butthead. We talk and think about Beavis too).

Play starts to run in London on Nov. 20th. I was trying to get tickets for the first weekend, (American Thanksgiving). That way if the kids had to fly just for that, maybe if Sarah was at University in the States….you know where I’m going with this.

Nothing. Then I tried every day from Jan. 1 to Jan. 6th. With the New Year’s holiday in mind. I got close 3 times before getting the “Your tickets are no longer available”. By the way, before they tell you, “Your tickets are no longer available” you get this message,


They did NOT secure my tickets three times. Then the system prompted me to just request “Best Available” on my dates. Again, twice I got, “SOLD OUT” and twice the system would say, tickets are available on Dec.  26th. at 19:30.

Well, guess what people? The second time I replied to the system, “Fine (okay, here I may have used the other “F” word but I was going on 40 minutes of dealing with this shit!) find the BEST AVAILABLE TICKETS”, actually speaking to my computer. Well, the system must have felt my despair, within 2 minutes my tickets were secured and the system was prompting me to pay with my “already available on file” credit card. I agreed to a bunch a stuff (it’s all a blur, I may have bought a toaster while I was at it) and now I am the proud owner of 4 tickets to go see Hamilton on Dec. 26th at 19:30. Tickets are £89.50 each and not $1000. So that’s good.

Beavis, it better be worth it!

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