It’s That Time of The Year Again

Where I reach under Sarah’s bed and dust off this baby.



Yes, this is my Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light. Apparently, if I sit in front of this light for 20 to 30 minutes it will liven up my mood…

I bought this light from a friend relocating back to Ottawa last year and used it a couple times last winter. Don’t know for sure if it works but I need something to get past the grey skies we’ve been having since our return. So depressing. I honestly don’t know how my brother functions in the Yukon with 4 hours of sunlight a day in the winter. I think I would jump off a building.

I guess on the upside, my chances of getting skin cancer have been diminished drastically since we moved from Bermuda to the UK. Humm, I think given the choice, I would take my chances with skin cancer and Bermuda and just apply loads of sunscreen daily.



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