Back in the UK

We flew back this morning to a mild and green London. After a long much needed nap, (I did not sleep well on the plane), I got up, walked to South Ken and picked up some coffee and something to eat. After lunch I took down the Christmas decorations, for the second time this season. (I had to take down the Montreal Christmas decorations before I flew back. Getting pretty good at this.)

These are some of the decorations that were all over the kitchen.


With Christmas decorations in two countries, we sure have accumulated lots of decorations over the years. And from all over the world too. One of these days, I will celebrate Christmas in one country only and when I do, I will have LOTS of decorations. I have two sets of tree decorations, two sets of stockings, nutcrackers from all over the world, Santas in all shapes, Christmas linens and cushions, coffee mugs, Thing 2’s collection of singing stuffed animals (he has gotten one a year for the last ten years, some are hilarious), etc….I have 3 large rubbermaid boxes and two small ones in the UK and I have three larges boxes in Montreal plus the stuff I bought at Winners on sale on Dec. 30th. It’s all stashed in Thing 1’s closet in Montreal. I have a 4 feet tall tree in each country, you never know when you may need a fake Christmas tree? and Indoor/outdoor lights galore in both countries.

Just happy I was able to take everything down today and now Peter and I will play Tetris with rubbermaid boxes to store everything in the garage until we have to do it all again next year.

We are ready to start the New Year!

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