New Year, New Me!

Some of you have noticed that I haven’t posted as much in 2016 as I have done in the past. Don’t know why really. I guess you could say I was in a ”blogging” funk.

Lots has happened in 2016. Started the year in St. Petersburg. Traveled to Amsterdam. Traveled to Canada back and forth. I went to Asia and Australia for the first time. Visited some friends in Bermuda. Thing 2 graduated ¬†high school and turned 18. He then started University at Concordia. Thing 1 turned 21! She will graduate from McGill in June. I don’t know, maybe I am feeling old?

My dad passed away in June. This year I am turning 50 and my own mortality got a reality check…

Anyways, I believe 2017 will be better. This is Jan. 1 of the new year and I am making a resolution to blog more. Even if it’s just posting a couple pictures a day. I will keep you guys posted as to what is going on with the Coopers of Montreal-London. There. Done! My resolution is out there. What is yours?


(A younger version of me!)

Happy New Year Everyone!