The Hive at The Kew Gardens

Today I went to visit the Hive at the Kew Gardens. I had read about this all summer when taking the tube and I wanted to go see what it was really about.

At 17 meters tall, the Hive is a symbol of UK innovation. It was commissioned by the UK government for the 2015 World Expo in Milan. It was to bring awareness to what is happening to the bee population in the world. This installation offers us a glimpse into the life of a bee colony. They built this structure with 1000 LED lights which connects to one of the Kew’s beehives. The illumination of lights represent the bees communications and the vibration changes occurring within the Kew’s hive.

This is achieved through the use of accelerometers that detect vibrations caused by sounds of honey bee vibrations. Accompanying this display is a symphony of orchestral sounds performed in the key of C – the same key that bees buzz in. When you are in the Hive, this is what it sounds like:



I invite you to watch this official video and see what the Hive looks like at night.

The remainder of the day was spent walking through the gardens. Walking the tree top walkway and just enjoying the day.

The Hive will be there until November 2017 but it’s best to see it in the summer when the bees are most active.