Le Griff

Our new condo is in the part of Montreal known as Griffintown or “Le Griff”.

Located between Old Montreal and Little Burgundy, Griffintown is part of the “Sud-Ouest” arrondissement of Montreal. It mainly existed from the 1820s until the 1960s and was mostly populated by Irish immigrants laborers and their descendants.

Until the 1960s, “Le Griff” was very industrial. Lots of chariot makers, lumber yards, ship yards and mill yards. In the 60s the population of the borough was 810 people and most buildings stood empty or were homes for squatters.

In 2012 the city of Montreal decided to gentrify the place. Now it’s home to condos, shops and trendy restaurants. Our condo is on the main artery, Peel Street. At the back of our building where I walk Monty, there are plates in the brick with the names of the many yards, companies and factories. I think they are pretty cool. I found some “Cooper” plates.












These are just a few of the plates. There must be 100.

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